Kiwi Pub Tasty Tuesday!

Kiwi Pub & Grill Bangkok

The generous guys from Down Under at The Kiwi Pub throw a great Kiwi barbecue. This amazing ‘sizzle twizzle’ means a Free Feed from 7:30 pm until they run out of pub grub. 

For those who think they can scoff the free food without buying a drink, will be dealt with by the buffet bouncers. The Cheap Charlie Clan are not welcome, so don’t even think about it!  

Bangkok Pub Rules – No Food & Drinks From Outside.

Now for all you decent guys, you will be made most welcome. As you can see from the photos, The Kiwi Pub has tasty dolly birds, as well as tasty pub grub. Enjoy! 

Daves RavesThe Kiwi Pub is located on Sukhumvit Soi 8