Le Pub Pattaya



Le Pub is a cosy hole-in-the-wall bar, located inside the alleyway on Soi Diamond just off the infamous Walking Street.

Owned and ran by the charismatic Mister Egg, it is a great place to play pool, enjoy a full range of bar snacks and chillax, amid the mayhem of Sin City.

Le Pub shows Live Sports on BIG 75 inch LED screens. However, this is contrary to the Le Pub motto, ‘Not A Sports Bar.’

There is a cutting edge music video system, with a musical library brimming with classics from bygone decades. The playlist features an eclectic selection of songs from the 1970s to the present day.  This I feel is a unique feature of Le Pub and makes it stand out from the other bars.

Le Pub is also said to have the coldest drinks and aircon on Walking Street if not Pattaya. Recently, Le Pub has started stocking Federbrau Beer, which is a tasty German single malt lager. Cheers! 



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