Marijuana Taking Over Thailand’s Nightlife Scene

The Old Weed Man Cannabis Dispensary on Walking Street Pattaya

The number of marijuana shops in Pattaya and Bangkok s rapidly increasing. Within a short walking distance between the Royal Garden Plaza and the gate of Walking Street in Pattaya, for example, there are now five weed shops, and two more inside Walking Street, less than 50 meters from the gate.

Many bar owners in Bangkok and Pattaya believe that slow business and the proliferation of marijuana shops are related. They have noticed that customer bills are decreasing and table turnover is higher than ever before. The owners wonder if inflation, tight budgets, or the availability of weed is the cause. According to them, takings have dropped since marijuana became available inside Nana Plaza, and bosses of Cowboy and Walking Street say that the trend has worsened as the number of pot shops has multiplied. They believe that customers are getting stoned more and drinking less, which is bad for their business.

Cannabis is prohibited in all Nana and Cowboy bars, but in Pattaya, it has become inevitable. A new go-go bar called High Times has opened on Walking Street, which combines ganja and go-go poles. The smell of marijuana is noticeable even before entering the bar. However, most guys turn around immediately as the stage at High Times is filled with ladyboys.