More Bar Closures Due To Big Buddha Days

The vast majority of the bars and nightclubs will most probably be closed on Friday, July 15th and Saturday, July 16th. On this occasion, it is because there are two Buddha Days, namely Asarnha Bucha and Buddhist Lent. These are among the biggest Buddhist holidays on the Thai calendar and therefore, they are treated with high reverence. I want to warn you in advance, because forewarned is forearmed.

I hear murmurs of, ‘Here we go again.’ It sure is a bad month for the bar business, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya. The number of enforced bar closures this month, will certainly put a nasty dent into the bar profits. A number of the bars in Pattaya are already struggling this low season, so this really is like rubbing salt into the wounds.

The only exception tends to be the Silom area in Bangkok, which is controlled by the mysterious MIB or Men In Brown from Bangrak. There is little can be done about the bar closures on Buddhist holidays and elections, unless that particular bar, or club is owned by very influential people. For the vast majority of us in the Thailand nightlife industry, we just have to learn to absorb it.

I would guess that a lot of people will enjoy the luxury of a long weekend. I have to persuade my web wizard (the elusive Toby), not to do a runner again!