Nana Plaza News – 15/04/2011

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If you are not aware, Cathouse Bar located above Big Dogs in Nana Plaza has changed ownership. It is now called Bunnies. The new owners of Bunnies have tried several methods, but still fail to attract the masses.

This just goes to show that cheap drinks are not the answer, especially if a bar has no concept. One thing different about Bunnies is they employ some Filipino girls.


DC 10 Go-Go Bar has been renovated and is under new ownership. The new DC 10 is a fun little go-go bar that looks like the inside of a passenger jet. Cool design, but too dark and dingy for some guys.  However, a few guys prefer to be tucked away in a dark corner, and there are no prizes for guessing why?!

Angelwitch Go-Go Bar is also under new ownership, but the same management team remains. Angelwitch (middle level next to Spankys) is still very busy at Showtime, which usually starts just after 10:00 PM.

Rainbow 3 Go-Go Bar on the middle level has been renovated and is considerably bigger than before. The gogo girls from Rainbow 1 are currently dancing in Rainbow 3 and vice versa.  Most of the gogo dancers in Rainbow 3 are HOT, but few want to don mono bikinis; even though the salaries have been raised for gogo dancers.

Hollywood Carousel (top level) has reopened under new ownership and is renamed Billboard Bar.  The rotating stage remains and the latest addition to Nana Plaza features exotic erotic shows nightly.

Some people may not like the appearance of Nana Plaza, but as I have said time and time again, it’s what is inside the gogo bars that counts. Several go-go bars are making an effort to attract customers and that is what counts the most. When you are given a present, it is not the box that is important, but the gift inside. It is exciting to see Nana Plaza improving and certainly keeping Soi Cowboy on its toes!

That’s a rapid roundup of the gogo bars in Nana Plaza.