The Big Mango Bar Has Closed

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    Big Mango Bar - Nana Plaza - Bangkok

    Located above Lucky Lukes Bar on the middle level in Nana Plaza, the Big Mango Bar have just announced that they are closing their doors permanently from this Saturday, October 27.  This is bound to cause some shockwaves throughout the Nana Plaza neighbourhood.  The sudden, shock news leaves the Big Mango Bar regulars with only two nights to drink ‘em dry!  This announcement from the Big Mango Bar is extremely short notice, so many of you will get this news very late.  However, for those of you who are in Bangkok right now, you can visit the Big Mango Bar Thursday, October 25 (that’s tonight guys!), and/or Friday, October 26.

    Running a successful bar in Thailand is a tougher challenge than many observers can imagine.  It is clearly a case of survival of the fittest.  There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but it is whether we learn from those mistakes that counts the most.  Sad as it is to see the Big Mango Bar become history, let us hope that there is no domino effect for the other less popular bars in Nana Plaza.  There are all kinds of rumours flying around about Nana Plaza, but do not worry the most popular bars continue to draw the crowds.

    I find it strange to say, swing by the Big Mango Bar for the very last time.  But, I think that the story behind this sudden end will unfold eventually.  Word on the Bangkok streets is that the Big Mango Bar will spring up again in another location.  For the sake of the Big Mango Bar regulars, let us hope that they are more successful next time around.

    This Friday night, when the landlord says, “Time ladies and gentlemen please”, sadly this will indicate that the Big Mango’s time is up…

    “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”    (Sir William Shakespeare).