Nana Plaza & Soi Cowboy Closed For Thai Elections

Dave the Rave Bangkok Default Featured Image

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Dry Day! Police reports are stating that Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy will be CLOSED on Saturday, March 2nd due to the Thai Elections. Also, this Sunday alcohol sales will possibly be restricted until 6:00 PM. For the lower Sukhumvit area it is advisable to make Friday your main night on the town. This most probably applies to Pattaya as well.

The only exception out of the naughty nightlife districts appears to be Patpong, which rarely ever closes for any reason. This is the bizarre thing about Thailand, which is slightly similar to how laws vary from one state to the next in America. And so, it is OK to drink and be merry on Saturday in Patpong, but it is not OK to drink in Nana Plaza, or Soi Cowboy. The mind boggles!

If you see a man with a reflective dome, unashamedly supping beer from a plastic cup in a Patpong go-go bar, it will probably be Dave The Rave.