NanaPong Dirty Dance Contest

Hey guys, here is a reminder for the NanaPong Dirty Dance Contest. It’s been ages but NanaPong returns to Nana Plaza on 28/02/2019.

Hosting the event for the first time is Angelwitch Rock Dancers which may come as a surprise to some of you guys.

Angelwitch will be facing the Dollhouse Go-Go Bar (Soi Cowboy) in what promises to feature notoriously nasty “Dirty Dancing” but be aware that this is nothing like the movie!

If you have been hiding in a cave, Angelwitch Rock Dancers is the go-go bar that the Go-Go Guru (that’s me!) ran for 10 years. It is located on the Middle Floor in Nana Plaza right next door to Spanky’s Show ‘n’ Go-Go Bar.

Daves Raves – Check out the poster below!


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