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After Dark AsiaThe most popular go-go bars in the neon jungle of Nana Plaza have recently had a significant surge in trade.  For the past few weeks, MANY bar owners’ right across Thailand have been moaning and groaning about the lack of customers.  Some people think it is getting increasingly worse each year, but there are bars that are holding their own remarkably well.  Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar, Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar and Angelwitch Go-Go Bar continue to attract large amounts of customers, maintaining a full house at peak trading times.  Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar started this month with a staggering 160 dancing dolly birds (go-go girls).  There are some go-go bar owners who have several go-go bars and yet, they still cannot match tiny little Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar for numbers.  Consistently, the mighty Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar boasts even more dancing dolly birds with a total that fluctuates between 200 and 250 go-go bargirls. Even though we are in the midst of low season, Angelwitch Go-Go Bar (middle level Nana Plaza) continues to maintain a total staff level of 150 people.  Thankfully, not everybody turns up for work on a nightly basis, or we would be playing a game of Siamese Sardines!

At the start of the Buddhist holiday (Wan Asanha Puja), Morning Nite Bar decided to close and do some renovations.  Conveniently located in prime position just inside Soi Nana, this particular Thai bar biz team obviously value their customers.  The renovation work lasted 5 days and they have reopened.  I noticed a lot of electrical wiring, so I gathered that a thorough rewiring of Morning Nite Bar was completed.  The Thai management team at Morning Nite Bar might have installed new air conditioners and some new lighting.  The basic structure of Morning Nite Bar remains the same — we can safely assume it was a makeover rather than a major renovation.  Incidentally, Thai tycoon Khun Meow owns Hillary 1 Bar (Soi Nana), Hillary 2 Bar (Soi Nana), Hillary 3 Bar (Soi 11), Spice Club (Soi 11), and Morning Nite Bar.

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Down in Soi Cowboy Country you will be pleased to know that the dolly birds (bargirls) are still at one with nature.  These particular dolly birds like the freedom and feel of natural attire.  I must say that as an avid dolly bird watcher I totally approve!  Fancy a spot of bird watching?  If you want to see the illustrious lovebirds in action, pop into Suzie Wongs Go-Go Bar (nightly), Shebas Go-Go Bar (nightly), or Baccara Go-Go Bar (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays).   


The Bangkok branch of the Irish X-Change Pub situated on Convent Road is currently closed.  The management has decided to give their popular establishment a thorough renovation job.  The Bangkok staff have joined their sister branch Molly Malone’s Irish Bar, which is located on Patong Beach in Phuket.  For reasons that I do not yet know, the Irish Xchange in Bangkok will be renamed Molly Malone’s Irish Bar.  I was informed by Stickman about this breaking bar news.


Angelwitch Go-Go and Show Bar located on the middle floor in Nana Plaza, sees the return of one of their very best solo stage stars.  Miss Nan has returned following a VERY long spell away from not only Angelwitch Go-Go Bar, but also Thailand.  Following a spell in England, Nan was keen to return to Angelwitch.  I know how she feels!  The talented entertainer Nan returns to awe the audience in Angelwitch, or “Bangkok Broadway” as Dave The Rave refers to it.  This particular Angelwitch Showgirl can perform some breathtaking acrobatic stage skills that could rival some gymnasts.  If you do not believe us, you can see for yourselves – Nan is once again bringing the house down with her pole performances…


NAME: Nan  —  RANK: Angelwitch Showgirl  —  NUMBER: 164

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For a considerable period, Beer Lao has risen to become the single largest export item from Laos.  The Beer Lao team has decided to expand their product range, and they have recently introduced Beer Lao Dark.  I am uncertain what kind of impact Beer Lao Dark will have in Thailand, but it is a welcomed addition to Thailand’s list of available beers.  WARNING!  Beer Lao Dark packs a mighty punch.  It is 6.5% alcohol volume, which makes Beer Lao Dark the strongest beer (available in mainstream bars in Thailand), along with Chang Beer.  Regular Beer Lao is only 5.0% alcohol volume in comparison.  I think that you will find that most popular venues will sell more regular Beer Lao.  In fact, some venues have refused to stock Chang Beer and Beer Lao Dark, because they are deemed as loony juice.  Although it is very strong, Chang Beer is available right across Thailand because there is a demand for it.  However, regarding Beer Lao Dark, these dark beers are a particularly acquired taste.

Beer Lao Dark is available in the Big Mango Bar (situated above Lucky Lukes in Nana Plaza).  The Big Mango’s revised Happy Hour now runs from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM.  During Happy Hour, regular house drinks are available for just 60 Baht.  Beer Lao Dark costs 75 Baht at Happy Hour and 110 Baht after 8:00 PM.  Cheers and beers!


Pattaya suffered a bad storm recently, which knocked out power for a whole day.  Pattaya’s perfect storm thrashed its angry tail and high winds, and heavy rain resulted in parts of Pleasure Playground being whipped.  Fortunately, only a limited area of a few blocks was affected by the tail end of a nasty storm – Walking Street and other main bar areas were not hit.  Normal power service resumed at 9:00 PM but luckily, most of Pattaya’s nightlife carried on partying with little, or no knowledge of the power blackout.  This will happen from time to time, especially in a place like Pattaya.  However, the amount of venues that rely on electricity is a scary thought.  Just think how much power the whole of Pattaya needs – yep, a hell of a lot.  Alternatively, as the Thais would say, “Too much power.”

Life seems to have returned to normal in Pattaya, well that is as “normal” as life can be for a Sin-City-On-Sea!


This Friday, August 10, Bed Supperclub features UK drum and bass legend LTJ Bukem.  The world famous Bed Supperclub is located on Sukhumvit, Soi 11 and this top class dinner club is on many “must see” lists when referring to Bangkok.  Bed Supperclub is all right, all bright and all white too!  


Down in Soi Cowboy, Baccara Go-Go Bar has completed its extension job and now presents itself as three shop houses.  The great thing about Baccara’s renovation means that this includes both floor levels.  In non-technical language, this means that Baccara has just become a medium sized, two storey go-go bar.  With Baccara Go-Go Bar being one of the most popular go-go bars in Soi Cowboy, this can only add to its appeal.  Baccara is back… bigger and better!


A man walks into Harrods in London.  He asks the nearest member of staff, “Can you show me something for 5 pounds (350 Baht).”  And just then the Harrods sales assistant snappily replies, “Certainly, there’s the door!”