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MBK Shopping Centre BangkokSeasons Greetings

The season to be merry is upon us once again. For the Prisoner In Paradise this year has certainly raced past with yet another Christmas just a few days away. It is remarkable how the months pass by so quickly, but at least we are here to enjoy it. Christmas is usually a happy time with the giving and receiving of gifts, family gatherings and generally good will – unless you are too drunk to enjoy it. This is one time of year that I miss my family and the expat exodus does not include me.

Here in Thailand the locals really make an effort with many establishments being so beautifully decorated that it really puts my home town to shame. The Thais are extremely good at presentation and given the right opportunity the Thais will really go to town in dressing a place up. Abroad Christmas seems to be getting more expensive and it is all well and good unless you are footing the huge cost. I think I will take my chances in the Land Of Sanuk (land of fun), but I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, wherever you may be celebrating.

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Xmas Shopping

Entering the splendid arena of neon nightspots it is not difficult to spot the multitudes of hot babes that prowl and patrol the areas all over the realm. If you are looking to do some Xmas shopping, then Xmas in Thailand brings a whole new meaning into play. Some bars and nightspots have their babes all dolled up in red outfits, bikinis and some even in scarlet dresses. Xmas is always hot in the land of sanuk. Perhaps your Xmas shopping list includes a sexy Santa.

Born Again Bible Bashers

The American who stands at the entrance to Nana Plaza is unrelenting in his religious rhetoric. This man is unbelievable! Nothing interrupts or prevents his repetitive delivery of “Repent sinners!” I thought I could talk for my country but this born again bible basher is an Olympic Champion in non-stop talking. He sounds a little strange; I think it is because he talks through his nose as he wore his mouth out ages ago. One Manager from a nearby bar who has to suffer this recently commented, “I want to board up his mouth but I cannot afford that amount of wood!”

Happy Hour In Nana Plaza

Both Mandarin and Silver Dragon are now offering a Happy Hour, which runs from 6:30pm until 8:30pm. Both bars are located near the electric stairs on floor 2 in Nana Plaza. Regular drinks are just 90 baht, but this does not include imported beers or lady drinks. I must say that Nana Plaza has been criticized in the past for its pricing policy, so it is encouraging to see some Nana Plaza go-go bars offering a Happy Hour. Recently Mandarin have taken on some attractive pole performers – they are not high in terms of quantity but they are becoming higher in terms of quality. At only 90 Baht a drink it is well worth a look. Check it out!

Rumors are still circulating about the sale of the Rainbow Bars in Nana Plaza, but there is nothing to confirm that any transactions are likely to go through. Mind you, at the prices said to be asked it comes as no surprise. Also, sadly no news about the Pretty Lady because she looks well and truly closed. Apart from Angelwitch and the three main Rainbow Bars trade remains sluggish in most of the go-go bars in Nana Plaza. There is some positive news because Erotica are opening there top level floor on busy nights. They have some buxom babes in blouses and mini skirts, who at least enjoy their job of entertaining foreigners. Erotica is a good place to get a feel of the atmosphere, and these naughty nymphets will definitely help you to get a feel for it. They are very hands-on workers!

Big Mango Bar Bangkok

Rainbow Roundup

Rainbow 4 still remains very popular with both Asian and Western customers, but still predominantly remains a go-go bar suited for Asian clientele. However, for sheer eye candy alone Rainbow 4 is well worth a visit. It still remains one of those, “While in Nana Plaza you must visit” type of venues. I mean let’s face it what other go-go bar boasts 200-250 pole performers?

Now if you want to talk about a real Japanese establishment, then look no further than Rainbow 2. This establishment could be renamed “Tokyo A-Go-Go” if they were to introduce sushi and sake. But, along with Rainbow 4 they are at least endeavoring to become “farang friendly” by fairly recently introducing rock music. But, in saying that it does depend what DJ is on duty and what time of night it is. NB. I have never heard rock music early in the night in Rainbow 4. Another bar that does a roaring trade is Rainbow 1 which still has a good stock of really hot babes. Unfortunately you will not hear good rock music in Rainbow 1 or Rainbow 3 because the Rainbow Bars are ran by different family members.

Dean Barrett Thailand

The Big Mango Bar located on floor 2 above Lucky Luke’s are running a special meal deal for December, which comprises of turkey with mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy for 180 Baht. During Happy Hour regular well drinks are only 60 Baht and the Happy Hour runs from 5:00pm until 8:00pm. The generous owners Nick and Michael have also introduced tequila and vodka shots during Happy Hour for only 25 Baht. Also, during Happy Hour you can play pool upstairs for only 10 Baht per game. Whether or not you are cool with pool, they have taken on some lovely new dolly birds (hot babes), who are skilled in a number of ball games. Some of The Big Mango’s dolly birds are looking red hot in those scarlet dresses.

Another venue that runs a popular Happy Hour is Hog’s Breath Saloon. Beers are only 70 baht and saloon spirits are only 60 Baht. Happy Hour runs from 11:00am until 7:00pm. From 7:00pm until closing time Hog’s Breath Saloon sells its beers for 90 Baht. Hog’s Breath Saloon is located next to Angelwitch on floor 2 in Nana Plaza. It is also home of the Charity Catfish Derby and the popular Golf Society. Forthcoming events will be mentioned in Night Fever.

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Zuk On This!

Located in the lobby of The Sukhothai Bangkok (South Sathorn Road) is the fascinating Zuk Bar. Despite having quite an unusual name the classy interior design makes a great place for gatherings whether they are business orientated or not. Zuk Bar is both modern and mellow with how it blends subtlety and stylish interior design. Fitted out in fine wood and polished marble with glasses and liquor bottles enticingly hanging down. Zuk Bar beckons one for either aperitifs, after-dinner drinks, or just pleasant surroundings to spend an evening. An unusual feature is that the DJ plays the music from behind the bar itself. There is also a window view which overlooks the beautiful garden.

Zuk Bar hosts an excellent wine promotion. From 7.00pm until 9.00pm there is an “all you can drink” from Zuk’s wine selection. This does not apply to champagne and they charge 1,000 baht. Wine lovers should definitely take advantage of this special promotion. Zuk is open Monday to Saturday from 4:00pm until 1:00am (noon until midnight on Sundays) and this fine establishment would make an excellent choice to impress any companion.

What’s New On Soi 22

Queen’s Park Plaza is located on the right side of Soi 22 (down past Larry’s Dive) as you enter from Sukhumvit Road. Incredibly, there are no less than 33 beer bars nestling inside this relatively undiscovered nightspot. After taking a few photographs of the neon signs Khun Leigh and I ventured inside…

There is a great little traditional Thai restaurant inside called Baan Beer 22, which serves delicious meals at reasonable prices. Apparently they also specialize in an excellent range of seafood dishes.

Stickman Bangkok Website 

We weaved our way along narrow pathways where almost all of these beer bars were merely mirrored versions of standard beer bars with a pool table. Fortunately Khun Leigh had discovered a lovely little oasis. We approached a very smart looking beer bar with an incredible neon sign. The sign featured the cartoon character who is the barman from The Simpson’s, so it is dubbed Flaming Moe’s. It did not take me long to become accustomed to this friendly little bar and I was soon knocking back glasses of Tiger draft beer. Flaming Moe’s run a lengthy Happy Hour from 5.00pm until 8.30pm and it is hard to believe that Tiger draft is only 45 baht. For something a little different to go down with your suds, hot pies are available for 90 baht. The owner always keeps the bar immaculately clean and tidy, they provide clean rest rooms, and they have a fairly new pool table. Flaming Moe’s have both a darts team and a pool team, but following recent thrashings the pool team are like the blind leading the blind. On a brighter note there are some attractive young dolly birds working here, who are friendly and approachable.

Pleasure Playground

Located inside Soi Marina Plaza is the excellent Coyotees Show Bar. They have certainly established a name for having some very attractive showgirls and Coyotees Showtime starts at 9:40pm and runs right through until 2:00am. The format consists of three songs of go-go dancing and then one show. There are a total of around 13 shows in one evening. The sexotic show at midnight makes it particularly worthwhile taking a stroll slightly off the beaten path. The showgirls are taught to move and perform with erotic elegance and they certainly do perform the exotic erotic very well indeed. Currently Coyotees has some of the hottest Showgirls in Thailand. If you are into hot showgirls this is the place to visit.

Coyotees Go Go Bar Pattaya

Happy Harry

One night I was lucky enough to be introduced to Happy Harry who is the majority shareholder in Happy, Peppermint (Walking Street) and Beach Club (Soi 15 just off Walking Street). I think Harry is a real gentleman, in fact one of the most decent bar owners that I have ever met. It is obviously not by coincidence that Happy, Peppermint and Beach Club are always busy. Many people still rate one or more of these three go-go bars as their favorite pleasure palaces in the whole of Pattaya. Here is a perfect example of how essential good management is. Even considering the rollercoaster ride that the Pattaya go-go bars always experience, here are three bars that show remarkable consistency in a very inconsistent world. Happy host a sexy show and a Happy Hour which is worth the early bird visit. Peppermint is consistently very good and is a great choice to bar-fine a hot babe late in the evening. Beach Club is often packed, especially at Happy Hour and if you are into table-top dancing this is the ideal place for up-skirt voyeurs. With the cheap beer on offer and a selection of naughty nubiles doing the table-top bop, I think it is worth cranking your neck upwards a few notches.