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After Dark Asia MagazineI have recently returned from the freezer to the furnace, or in other words from an icy “summer” in England to the intense heat of Bangkok.  When I landed at Heathrow Airport in London, I thought I had arrived during peak winter. I kid you not it was bloody freezing!  Then two weeks later, I jetted back into Bangkok on a scorching hot afternoon.  What a difference in climate.  As luck would have it just as Dave The Rave lands in London, all hell breaks loose.  Freak storms, severe floods, terrorist attacks and near winter conditions.  I found myself asking whether it really was July, because I appeared to be in a time warp.  Bloody scary I can tell you!  Oh well, I survived my England excursion and I am back where I belong.  I was OK once I had a look at After Dark Asia magazine.  I want you to know that it was just for preparation purposes before the go-go guru returned to the neon jungle of Nana Plaza.  Home sweet home!

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After six long years away from England, I saw a BIG change.  I was served by people that could barely speak English.  One of my friends had his passport scrutinized by a woman who had what appeared to be a hood over her head.  She peered at him through slits in the black hood.  You could be forgiven for asking, “Am I in London?”  One ethnic man at passport control told my friend that they have to be careful whom they let in.  He spoke with a strong Indian accent like a scene from a television comedy show.  To top it all the mayor of my hometown is from Poland.  Beam me up Scotty!

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Down in Soi Cowboy Country the bars are closing at around 2:30 AM on a nightly basis and have for some time now.  This is great news for Soi Cowboy fans.  Located next door to Midnite Go-Go Bar is the Irish Pub.  I can now confirm that the deal for the Irish Pub is complete, the new owners will take the helm in around one week’s time.

Baccara Go-Go Bar has absorbed Pam’s Bar that recently closed.  Baccara Go-Go Bar will open their doors in a few days time with the extension completed.  This will expand Baccara Go-Go Bar to three shop houses, turning Baccara into a medium sized go-go pleasure palace.

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I notice that there has been some renovation work and alterations to the front of Our Place Go-Go Bar, Midnite Go-Go Bar and Déjà Vu.  I will give JS some credit he does build very stylish go-go bars.  Currently JS owns Our Place Go-Go bar, Midnite, Spice Girls Go-Go Bar, Déjà Vu, and Spankys Go-Go Bar (next to Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza).

In Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar and Shebas Go-Go Bar a domestic beer will cost you 140 Baht, but it is well worth it during Showtime.  Fairly recently during a sojourn to Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar, I was observing two stunning showgirls perform a very steamy show.  While I endeavored to enjoy the show I had to dismiss some drunken fool who was rambling on about how great it was to be British.  Finally after several attempts he got the message that people were in a go-go bar to look at the sexy dolly birds.  If he had a brain he would be dangerous!

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In Long Gun Go-Go Bar they have decided to revert to doing the old Patpong style go-go bar shows.  Watch out for flying objects!  When I saw bananas appear I knew it was my cue to vote with my feet and therefore time to move on.  I thoroughly enjoy a spot of dolly bird watching in Shark Go-Go Bar and the eye candy is usually to a good standard.  In addition, the super saver drink specials make a visit to Shark Go-Go Bar even more worthwhile.

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Beer LaoThe authentic version of Beer Lao continues to sell quite well through most parts of Thailand.  It actually originates from Laos and was voted “Best beer in Asia” by Time Magazine a few years ago.  I find that Beer Lao is quite a smooth beer and not as gassy as its counterparts.  Surprisingly though, Heineken and Singha remain the best selling beers in the foreign market throughout Thailand.  In most bars and nightspots frequented by Westerners, Heineken and Singha continue to be the most popular selling beers.  What really lets Beer Lao down is poor marketing and limited distribution.  Nevertheless, despite some negatives there is no denying that Beer Lao is indeed a good product.

Beer Lao is still available for only 60 Baht during Happy Hour (5:00 PM – 8:00 PM) at the Big Mango Bar.  The Big Mango Bar very generously now offer Beer Lao at 60 Baht all night every Wednesday.  This has to be one of the very best super savers in the whole of Bangkok.  Also, bear in mind that the Big Mango Bar are located in Nana Plaza, so this makes it even more of a real deal at ONLY 60 Baht.  This is truly excellent value for money.  Cheers for the cheap beers!

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While I was in England, my friend and I went to a Thai restaurant in the East Midlands.  We proceeded to order two small Chang Beers and they cost us over 200 Baht each.  Ouch!  In addition, to add insult to injury there were zero dolly birds.  Being the Go-Go Guru, I have to laugh when people say that beer is expensive in Bangkok’s bars.  We have to remember what extortion really means, like when I paid over 400 Baht for two Chang Beers in the UK.  Now that is what I call extortion!  The next time some of you frugal folk decide to complain about the price of a beer in Bangkok, remember to have a reality check.       


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