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After Dark AsiaIt is incredible!  Over the next two nights (Wednesday, July 25 and Thursday, July 26), there are no less than FOUR Bangkok Bar Bosses Birthday Bashes.  Tonight in Nana Plaza we celebrate Peter’s birthday — Peter is the friendly co-owner of Play Skool Go-Go Bar.  The location of Play Skool Go-Go Bar is next to Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar on the ground level in Nana Plaza.  Also tonight, Matt the amiable co-owner of Angelwitch Go-Go Bar will host his birthday bash.  Angelwitch Go-Go Bar is located next to Spankys Go-Go Bar on the middle floor in Nana Plaza.  The Big Birthday Bash for Matt will include free food, special shows, fun and frolics, and plenty of booze and babes.  The party is set to get rolling at around 9:00 PM and will keep going until at least 2:00 AM.  Just to remind some of you guys, Angelwitch Showtime starts just after at 10:00 PM and runs until 1:00 AM.

I have known both Matt (Angelwitch Go-Go Bar) and Peter (Play Skool Go-Go Bar) for quite a few years now.  They are two of the friendliest and most popular bar owners in Thailand.  Both Peter and Matt are also generous to their customers, and unlike some of their counterparts, they will buy rounds of drinks.  As you probably know, this is speculated to be something of a rarity in the Bangkok bar business.  However, this statement is not entirely true.  Meanwhile the party continues… 

This Thursday night in Soi Cowboy, Peter will continue his Big Birthday Bash in Suzie Wongs Go-Go Show Bar.  And folks, if that was not enough there is a Big Birthday Bash for John in Cactus Bar (Soi Cowboy).  I learned about John’s Big Birthday Bash from Bangkok Bad Boy, who informs us that John is apparently a good cook.  Generous John will provide a roast pig on a spit for Cactus Bar guests this Thursday night.

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Some people try to say that the Bangkok bar owners are not generous, and that they do not host any parties.  Well, to silence the critics here are four parties over the next two nights to keep you party animals happy.  Who say that Bangkok is boring?  Only the party poopers — party on people!


This low season is proving to be a very tough one for Thailand’s nightlife scene.  Just recently two Bangkok bar managers that I know personally, have been shown the door — adios amigo!  Sad but true, as their employers think they can manage fine without a competent manager.  Time will tell, but this is most probably not a wise decision.  Both farang bar managers are very good at their jobs, so this poses a serious question.  Why fire a good bar manager?  Unless of course, the establishment in question is so ineffective, that the owners cannot realistically afford to employ a good bar manager.  So then, the problem that remains is if the bar owners themselves are not going to run the bar, then who is?  When it is left to the Thai staff, the monkeys’ will be running the zoo.  The only Big Bashes will be the monkeys’ tea party!

On a brighter note, there is a vacancy for a go-go bar manager.  Big Andy of Electric Blue Go-Go Bar fame is looking for a competent farang go-go bar manager.  Those wishing to apply should have some go-go bar management experience, and an ability to speak and understand Thai would be an advantage.  This vacancy is for Club Electric Blue in Patpong.  Anybody interested can email me and I will pass your email on to Big Andy.

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Tenderloins, the excellent Aussie owned sports bar and grill has been sold.  Tenderloins Bar & Grill are located in Soi 33 near Livingstone’s.  Ownership of Tenderloins transferred in a matter of days, so it is obvious to me that the former owner was offered a price he could not refuse.  It is remarkable to think that big business deals like this are still happening right smack bang in the middle of a challenging low season.  Unfortunately, the efficient management skills and services of Aussie John Bell are no longer required.  John is one of the most experienced and competent F&B managers in Thailand.  The sudden change of ownership, coupled John’s departure is sad news for the Tenderloins regulars.  It will be some challenge to maintain the tremendously high standards set by the former management.  It will be interesting to see what happens at Tenderloins.

Currently John is seeking alternative employment and the amiable Aussie, would be an ideal F&B manager for any Bangkok establishment that serves F&B to a high standard.  Interested parties can email me and I will pass it on to John.  In the meantime, I would like to wish John all the best for the future.  I am sure we will see John spring up in another establishment in Bangkok in the near future.

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In a similar situation to Tenderloins Bar & Grill, the Hi-So Titanium Bar is under new ownership.  Located inside Sukhumvit, Soi 22 near Larry’s Dive, Titanium Bar has now opened her doors again with a mixture of old and new staff.  I will let you judge for yourselves but I wanted to inform you Titanium Bar has re-opened.


It is all change in the two Hollywood Go-Go Bars on the top floor in Nana Plaza.  Following being paid their salaries too late yet again, even more dolly birds have decided to leave.  This time Mamasan Jindra has decided to quit and has moved to Carnival Go-Go Bar (opposite the Hollywood Go-Go Bars).  Mamasan Jindra formerly worked in Carnival Go-Go Bar before she was persuaded to work for Johnny in Hollywood Carousel.  An influential Mamasan like Jindra will take girls with her.  This has now caused a mass exodus.  As Khun Leigh said, “The girls in the Hollywood Go-go Bars are leaving like people escaping from a burning building.”

Those looking for the likeable Mamasan Jindra can now find her in Carnival Go-Go Bar.  The good news for Carnival is that this go-go bar will improve as a result.  As to how much Carnival Go-Go Bar manages to improve is uncertain, but with Mamasan Jindra joining the team it will be a positive addition.  If you are looking for some of the former Hollywood go-go girls, then try Carnival, Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 4.

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In the go-go bar business, you simply cannot afford to pay salaries too late.  Bargirls live from hand to mouth and even the most loyal of Thais will not tolerate this inconsiderate treatment.  Both Hollywood Go-Go Bars now face an extremely testing time.  On certain nights, the Hollywood Go-Go Bars (top floor Nana Plaza) offer house drinks at only 100 Baht all night.  From now on, the twin Hollywood Go-Go Bars might have to do this on a nightly basis to attract customers.

Following a break for family reasons Mamasan Ann is now back on duty in Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar.  Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar is located next to Play Skool Go-Go Bar on the ground level in Nana Plaza.  They are still packing them in!   Similar to what Angelwitch Go-Go Bar did, Rainbow 1 need an extention to their go-go bar.  The line-up remains what many Night Fever fans believe is the most impressive selection of go-go dancing dolls per square meter in the whole of Bangkok.  The quality of the dance music in Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar has also improved. 

Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar still plays rock music, but remember this is at peak trading hours.  Early in the evening Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar still plays that tinny techno.  Before we jump to conclusions, we must understand that early in the evening the go-go bars are just warming up.  We do appreciate that our audience is mostly Westerners, but we also have to consider the pole performers.  It can be a fine balancing act at times, between keeping the customers and the staff happy.  Those that ignore any consideration for the Thais will never be anywhere near as successful as they could be.  The go-go bar bosses receive some interesting ideas from enthusiastic onlookers sometimes, but most of these “armchair experts” overlook the fact that we are running go-go bars in Thailand.  Working with the Thais in the go-go bar industry is considerably harder than it looks.  Like I say, it is a balancing act in itself, which requires both good business sense and a skillful handling of the Thais.  Being a go-go bar boss might seem to be a job sent from heaven, but it can be very challenging at times.  Hey, even for a Go-Go Guru!


WAR is often taken for granted by some people and yet, the very mention of SEX and those same people are shocked.  Strange but true!  (Quote by Dave The Rave).

Shakerz Coyote Bar - Swan Bar - Soi 6

Shakerz Coyote Bar – Swan Bar – Soi 6