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Shakerz Coyote Club LogoThe Grand Opening of Shakerz Coyote Club got off to a somewhat “shaky” start.  Last Sunday (June 24) Shakerz Coyote Club opened its door to the public.  Situated above Swan Pool Bar, which is right smack bang on the corner of the Sukhumvit, Soi 4 and Sukhumvit, Soi 6 junction.  The two bar owners had tried their very best to recruit the most attractive coyote dancers they could, but this is a tougher task than it looks to observers.The turnover of bargirls in Bangkok seems to have reached its highest level.  The evening commenced very slowly with not much action at all until 10:00 PM.  Fortunately the Shakerz dolly birds finally arrived and came to the rescue.  Then the party got going.  Long term Bangkok reident Khun Leigh was in attendance and he thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Khun Leigh and others thought that the two owners of Shakerz Coyote Club were brave to open on a Sunday night in low season.  Unfortunately there was quite a lot of rainfall as well.  But, despite the “shaky” start the place started to fill up after 10:00 PM and the Bosses were reported to be gracious hosts.  Some of the free food on offer included fried chicken wings, so there were hot chicks in more forms than just one.


Talking of Khun Leigh, he has just started writing a new column entitled “Khun Leigh’s Corner” for Dean Barrett.  Khun Leigh is described by Dean Barrett as a savvy local expat with vast experience of Bangkok’s nightlife.  Check it out!

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I would like to clarify the current bar closing times for the go-go bar areas in Sanuk City, because they are often the most variable. In the same context the Bangkok bar closing hours can sometimes be confusing and therefore some people are misinformed. I have very positive news for Night Fever fans, because I am pleased to announce that later closing times have now been reinstated. This applies to ALL of the go-go bar areas right across Bangkok. Currently, Patpong can stay open until 3:00 AM, so the go-go bars in Patpong close between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM. Nana Plaza now closes consistently at around 2:00 AM (later on some nights), and Soi Cowboy closes consistently between 2:00 AM and 2:30 AM. These times apply to most nights but occasionally they may vary slightly. Overall this is very good news, even considering that it is a quiet low season.

I want to point out that just because a go-go bar closes earlier than these times that have been stated above, it does not necessarily mean the boys in brown are closing all the bars down. What sometimes happens on quiet nights is the bar owners themselves might decide to close up for the night. Have a look around the immediate vicinity because there could well be a bar that is still open. Some nights just recently have been very quiet due to rainfall, or less bargirls and/or customers on that particular nights. Therefore, rather than stay open for no logical reason the bar boss  sometimes shuts shop. There is hardly any point staying open with next to zero customers, and this way bar bosses can show consideration “krengjai kropkrua” to their staff. From time to time this happens all across Thailand, and as the “Welsh Wizard” Tom Jones sings, “It’s not unusual.”

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THAI TALK – “krengjai kroprua” means to give consideration to the staff. The word “kropkrua” means family and this is how Thais refer to their team of staff. Quite often the boss or mamasan is refered to as “Mae” or Mother, and therefore this is where Thai terminology comes into play. The Thais have made some very clever analogies in the bar business.   


Having a stroll through “Little Las Vegas” or Soi Cowboy is never a dull experience for me personally. I think that the Q factor (quantity of quality) has risen considerably in some go-go bars in Soi Cowboy. Combined with the BIG advantage of “showing”, Soi Cowboy has emerged as a more popular nightspot throughout this past year. This especially applies to farang residents who like to frequent Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and the many good pubs and theme bars that Bangkok offers in abundance. Soi Cowboy remains a popular choice for a wide selection of the farang expats. When you see some of the eye candy on offer it’s not surprising!

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Spice Girls Go-Go BarLast week I discussed the “super savers” or great drink deals that Pattaya has to offer during their Happy Hours. In the same light a selection of go-go bars in Soi Cowboy offer some remarkably good Happy Hours. The following Soi Cowboy go-go bars; Our Place, Spice Girls, Midnite, and Deja Vu all offer a very competitive Happy Hour. From 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM house drinks are only 50 Baht. By the way, not surprisingly Our Place, Spice Girls, Midnite and Deja Vu go-go bars are all owned by the same go-go bar owner. This go-go bar group also offer tequila at only 50 Baht a shot. Please note that the 50 Baht tequila shots run every Monday and Tuesday. I think that tastes in go-go bars vary enormously, but whatever you think of these four go-go bars, this Happy Hour is a real deal.  Chok Dee Kap!



This Friday, June 29 there is a special Latina Lovers party night in Metro Bar.  Located in the far corner of the Rajah Hotel car park, Metro Bar are renowned for throwing good party nights.  Retro Metro have had their girls brushing up on their Latin dance steps and they will even be dressed up Latin style.  Retro Metro don’t do anything by halves! 

A RED HOT evening Latino style will consist of fun and frolics all night long from 7:00 PM until at least 2:00 AM.   There will be a hot and spicy FREE buffet and Pepe Lopez Tequila at only 60 Baht per shot. Corona Beer will be available for a snip at only 130 Baht.  Incidentally, local beers are 100 Baht all night.  The Latina Lovers night would not be complete without an eclectic selection of Latin music, Latin style dancing, some FREE tequila shots and of couse those HOT Latina Lovers.  Hey Gringo, you wanna party?

Filipino Fever – June 24 is directly below this edition of Night Fever if you scroll down on the Home Page.  Enjoy!