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Asian Babe 002USA TODAY recently listed “Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards” in the magazine’s November issue.  Phuket claimed the top spot for most popular Asian/Indian Ocean Island, and Koh Samui was awarded 5th place.  Bangkok was voted top Asian city, while Chiang Mai was awarded 5th place.  A number of Thailand’s hotels, like the Bangkok Peninsula and Phuket’s Amanpuri, were ranked among the top 100 hotels around the world.  Singapore Airlines retained its top spot for Best International Airline.  Since the readers’ survey has been conducted, Singapore Airlines has held the title for 17 out of 18 years.  Most impressive!   


I spotted Pee Lorn in Nana Plaza this week, so I joined him for a drink in Mandarin Table Dance Bar.  If you were not aware, Silver Dragon on the middle level has been renamed Mandarin Table Dance.  A while ago it was remodelled into a table top style go-go bar.  I like the idea, because the owners of Mandarin have brought something different to Nana Plaza.  The Q Factor (a quantity of quality) does vary depending upon what particular night and what time you visit.  Mandarin Table Dance Bar is simply, but comfortably furbished.  You cannot be any closer to the action, because you really are in “pole position” with the go-go girls right in front of you.  Another bonus is that the go-go girls are generally fun and friendly.  Unlike some other go-go bars, those doing the table top bop will interact with you.

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Quite simply there is no accounting for taste.  Because individual taste varies so much, I think you guys will have to decide for yourselves about the attractiveness of the pole performers.  My overall assessment is that the go-go girls here are not the best, or the worst in Nana Plaza.  I would place these particular pole performers somewhere in between.  While I sat with Pee Lorn, we were both approached by a few go-go dancers.  Neither of us are male models by any stretch of the imagination, so it is obvious that the girls in Mandarin Table Dance are certainly not fussy.  Mind you, when they saw how many bank notes were stuffed into Pee Lorn’s wallet, he was suddenly much more handsome.  I wonder why?


I think it is worth popping in and having a look.  My advice about visiting Mandarin Table Dance would be to vary your days and times.  The table top theme makes a change and their prices are reasonable.

Shakerz Coyote Club - Bangkok - Thailand

Shakerz Coyote Club – Swan Bar – Soi Nana


I am pleased to announce that all four of the Rainbow Go-Go Bars now have an impressive line-up of go-go girls.  Over the past few weeks I have visited all four bars.  Rainbow 1 is (generally speaking) extremely high in terms of Q Factor (a quantity of quality).  They still boast a total of 160 dancing dolls.  I rate Rainbow 1 very highly in regards to having so many attractive dolly birds.  A great place for eye candy! 

Rainbow 2 has made something of a recent comeback, because it had gone right off the boil for some time.  Rainbow 2 has recently taken on some very attractive pole performers.  However, the bar itself is still rather dark and dingy and they play that regurgitated Thai techno music.  Rainbow 2 continues to remain the ultimate Jap Trap, but the line-up has definitely improved.  Perhaps you might find Rainbow 2 worth a look for a change of scenery.  Remember that Rainbow 2 still remains the least farang friendly out of the Rainbow Group.

Rainbow 3 is the smallest of the four Rainbow Go-Go Bars.  It does not attract that many customers, but their current line-up is impressive.  OK, it is tiny and they do not have that many go-go girls, but there are some very attractive new dancers.  Furthermore, Rainbow 3 could well be one of the most underrated go-go bars in terms of attractive dancing dolls.  In my humble opinion, Rainbow 3 has improved and more guys should check it out. 

Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar - Nana Plaza - Bangkok - ThailandThe mighty Rainbow 4 marches on with big, bold strides.  This GIANT pleasure palace houses a phenomenal amount of go-go girls.  Actually, the most go-go dancers in one bar, throughout the whole of Thailand.  Needless to say that Rainbow 4 is always busy.  It is a gold mine for King Ming the Chinese-Thai owner.  Don’t forget that Rainbow 4 attracts a lot of Western customers, and they do play some farang rock music.  There are various types of go-go girls in Rainbow 4 which allows guys a broader selection.  There are literally all shapes and sizes.  With so many girls to choose from, I find it hard to criticise much about Rainbow 4.  Well guys that is my latest Rainbow Roundup.  Happy hunting! 


Rainbow 1 — next to Play Skool on the ground level.

Rainbow 2 — next to Hollywood Rock on the ground level.

Rainbow 3 — next to Mercury Bar on the middle level.

Rainbow 4 — next to G-Spot on the middle level.


Situated next to Spankys on the middle level in Nana Plaza, Angelwitch Go-Go Bar has seen a number of new arrivals.  Starting from tonight the new brew Beer Lao Dark will be available in Angelwitch.  More interestingly, for eager bird watchers Angelwitch has taken on a batch of new dolly birds.  Check it out!

Angelwitch Go-Go Bars - Bangkok & Pattaya - Thailand


This Saturday night (November 17), Cat House located directly above Big Dogs in Nana Plaza are throwing a party.  The new owner Willem would like to invite you to his birthday bash.  Willem’s wife Bow will be graciously laying on a FREE buffet from 6:00 PM.  House drinks will be ONLY 50 Baht.  Willem is a very friendly host, and he has spent a chunk of cash on giving Cat House a much needed image enhancement.  The toilet is now clean and respectable and the Cat House now has two television screens.  Willem also replaced the old sound system.  The Cat House is now clean and tidy… er well, until Pee Lorn and Big Mike arrive! 


Located deeper into Soi Nana (around the Soi 6 junction), there are a cluster of bars that are open until the proverbial cock crows.  Those wishing a night cap, a bite to eat, a pool party, or just to hang out; this is the place to be after Nana Plaza closes.   


The Punchline Comedy Club present two evenings of stand up comedy.  This Friday and Saturday (November 16-17) the Bull’s Head Pub will host three top comedians.  Tickets are still available and they cost 1,500 Baht.  For enquiries call 02-2334141-2

The show starts at 9:00 PM on the 3rd floor.  The Bull’s Head Pub is located opposite the Emporium on Sukhumvit, Soi 33/1.  You must be having a laugh!


“I believe that sex is a wonderful thing between two people.  Between five, it’s fantastic!”  (Woody Allen).                

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Fairly recently I had the pleasure of meeting an extremely eccentric, but very entertaining character.  I have decided to name him “Fiasco Phil.”  The reason for the nickname will soon become very evident…

Fiasco Phil told me about an attractive Thai woman that he fancied very much.  OK, nothing unusual there, but he was seeking advice about marrying her.  I advised him the best I possibly could about taking his time and thinking it over.  Because, he only knows one speed, namely fast forward, the next thing I know Fiasco Phil is getting married.  It was a whirlwind wedding and Fiasco Phil had Thaied the knot.  The bride was a go-go dancer from a neon jungle in Bangkok. 

After Dark ASia Magazine ThailandSome time passed and the newly weds seemed happy enough.  One evening in Angelwitch, I noticed that Fiasco Phil was draining several glasses of the hard stuff at a rapid pace.  During a conversation Fiasco Phil revealed to me that he already had another Thai wife.  Wow, the plot thickens!  Trying to get a grip on the situation I listened attentively.  Fiasco Phil does not know how it happened, but his latest wife found out about his other Thai wife.  The family of his newly wed made threatening phone calls to Fiasco Phil’s first Thai wife.  I asked inquisitively, “Do you still have two wives?”  To my astonishment Fiasco Phil replied, “Well three actually, but one doesn’t count.”  According to Fiasco Phil, bigamy knows no limits!  Fiasco Phil’s third wife is not Thai, so he figures that she is not in the equation.  The mind boggles!

The story has unfolded from Fiasco Phil rushing to marry a go-go dancer, to discovering that he now has two Thai wives and one farang wife.  One evening Fiasco Phil decided to take some time away from all of his wives.  He treated himself to a dolly bird from Nana Plaza.  Ole Phil just got himself into another fiasco!  He walks into Soi Cowboy with his Thai takeaway and WHACK!  One of his Thai wives punches him right in the face.  With unashamed cheek Phil says, “Darling, why did you do that?”  Just as Phil’s wife was loading up another right hook, he decides to do the honourable thing and flee the scene…

In another unfortunate incident, Fiasco Phil took two Thai dolly birds back to his room.  The bamboo bugle soon told his newly wed.  She storms into his bedroom and attacks Phil with a knife.  Phil survived that fiasco but he is living dangerously.  Last I heard, “Fearless Fiasco Phil” is working on his third Thai wife to be.  Good luck Phil, I think you are definitely going to need it.  Stay tuned folks for more adventures of Fiasco Phil… 

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Big Mike was rather worse for wear following a heavy night on the booze.  He decided to go along to see his Doctor.  Big Mike is lucky enough to have a female Doctor.  He marches in to see her and slams his cyclops snake right onto her table.  After a thorough examination the Doctor says, “There is nothing wrong with it.”  And Big Mike replies in an Aussie accent, “I know Doc, but isn’t it a beauty!”

In another drunken episode Big Mike whips out ole cyclops once again.  A startled young Thai woman says, “This is a clock shop.”  Big Mike replied, “Good, can you put two hands on this?”


A British television actor was caught on the job in Pattaya.  Johnny Briggs who played womaniser Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street, recently travelled to Thailand following his divorce.  Perhaps “Johnny Be Bad” wants to take up situation comedy!  The comedy of errors is reported on this LINK HERE.

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In the meantime, if you can’t be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!