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After Dark Asia MagazineConsidering that September can be a notorious month in the monsoon season, we seem to be getting off quite lightly.  This especially applies to the City of Angels, where thunder, lightning and floods can and do wreak havoc.  The rainfall has been intermittent, which keeps us guessing.  But, at least it is much better than those daily downpours that South East Asia is infamous for.  So far so good, we should count our blessings.  Although it is not raining on a daily basis, we should be prepared.  If it looks cloudy you will probably want to take your umbrella with you.  Those compact, extendable umbrellas can be purchased quite cheap all over Bangkok.  If it looks like rain you can always dive into a shop and by one.  The 7 ELEVEN shops usually stock them.

The rainfall has (generally speaking) been commencing late afternoon, or early evening, so please be aware of that if you do not live here on a daily basis.  Hopefully, you golf guys should be alright for your morning rounds.  Also, others following other outdoor pursuits should take note.


Travelling around Bangkok is much better than it used to be and in some cases public transportation is far better than other capital cities.  I recently used the London Underground and there is absolutely no comparison between the two underground services.  For example, in Bangkok the MRT Subway is relatively safe, extremely clean, very cheap,  quick and convenient, pleasantly quiet, well equipped, efficient services, sufficiently air-conditioned, reasonably spacious, modern and stylish, and generally both smooth and comfortable.  The same can be said of the BTS Skytrain, although the Skytrain does get packed full at certain times and at certain BTS stations.  The London Underground is the opposite.  It has suffered terrorist attacks, it is very dirty, unpleasantly smelly, old and somewhat rickety, annoyingly noisy, most certainly not smooth or comfortable, not as quick, efficient or convenient, shockingly expensive in comparison, and generally unsatisfactory.  This is another reason why I much prefer living in Bangkok than back in England.  I enjoy travelling on the BTS Skytrain and on the MRT Subway.  I think they are a credit to the City Of Angels.

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When Stickman was asked a while back, what he thought was the most positive change to Bangkok over the past few years, he said it was the introduction of the BTS Skytrain.  I have to agree with Stickman, as few competing countries even have an equivalent to the BTS Skytrain.  London’s public transportation systems are very poor in comparison. 

No longer are we forced to wait in snarled up traffic jams, the BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway are two excellent alternatives.  These two services run all day, right up until midnight, but of course, by this time the traffic on the main roads has subsided considerably.  Bangkok is much better to travel around these days than some people might think.

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The tragic news of the domestic flight from Bangkok to Phuket has sent shockwaves throughout Thailand.  The death toll continued to rise, as more bodies were being recovered from the burning wreckage.  This terrible news has obviously been covered in detail by all of the main media channels and publications.  The BBC believe that a probe is needed into the safety of low budget airlines in this region.  My sincere condolences to the families of those killed and severely injured.  RIP to the victims. 


Despite what some people might think, I am most certainly not David from Mango Sauce.  A strange rumour emerged that Dave The Rave is indeed David from the formerly popular Mango Sauce website.  This is simply not true.  It appears that somebody put 2 and 2 together and came up with one million.  I think it is very silly to jump to conclusions just because we share the same first name.  Quite frankly, I think some people have nothing better to do with their time.  Anyway, I thought I had better dispel yet another myth.  I way well be methodical, but definitely not mythological. 

Talking of the Mango Sauce website, for those that are unaware, David quit updating Mango Sauce in June 2007.  For various reasons (some undisclosed) David decided to stop posting.  Sorry to have to report that Mango Sauce remains in a state of suspended cyberspace animation.  Personally, I thought David had a wry wit and he proved to be a talented writer.  Even though Mango Sauce had a very undesirable readership at times, I thought David was a popular zookeeper webmaster.  Whenever I corresponded with David via email, I found him to be nothing but a gentleman.  David has offered me sound advice and civil conversation.  Personally, I will miss Mango Sauce and would like to wish David all the best of luck.

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A seductive little thing that could melt the heart of the devil.  She is so young and sweet, and yet, this Thai temptress goes like a Ferrari all night long.  She then proceeds to bathe and massage you.  Finally, when you are content, she turns into a pizza and a pint.  Sorry, back to reality… Dream on Dave!


Fairly recently there was a nasty incident in Nana Plaza, when a farang was attacked with a bottle by a G-Spot Go-Go Bar doorman.  Word on the street is that his injuries comprised of serious facial wounds.  Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar staff took pity on the victim and did what they could to take care of the poor chap.  Going back a few months, I know one farang who was also struck with a bottle.  This time the culprit was a Hollywood Rock Go-Go Bar (located next to Playskool) doorman.  Both bars belong to the Crown Group, which if you do not know, comprises of a group of farang investors.  This is definitely not the sort of thing Nana Plaza needs at any time, but especially not during a challenging low season. It may well be wishful thinking, but the Crown Group really need to control their staff.

WARNING — May I remind you all that aggression and confrontation is both futile and dangerous in Thailand.  We farangs are outnumbered by more than just a few million!  Try to avoid confrontation at all costs if you can, because violent Thais fight like pack animals.  You are not only greatly outnumbered, but these cowardly thugs arm themselves with weapons too.  If the case for “fight or flight” should arise, take the sensible option and escape.  It is far better to swallow your pride, than have to swallow your dinner through a tube!

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I decided to take a stroll further down Soi Nana early last Saturday evening.  I tried to find a seat in Bus Stop (located opposite Hillary 2), but the place looked pretty much packed to me.  Upon enquiring, I learned that meals would take up to 30 minutes.  I decided to move on and eat elsewhere.  I did however, appreciate the fact that the Thai staff was honest enough to tell me that my meal could take 30 minutes. 

The Rugby World Cup was on and Bus Stop had attracted a good crowd.  Currently my Aussie and Kiwi mates are tormenting me about England’s appalling form in the Rugby World Cup.  I have to agree with them, when England played South Africa, they looked like a schoolboy team!  Hopefully we can redeem some pride, but I am not very optimistic at all.  Anyway, I digress… Nowadays it is only a mere shadow of its former self, because it was forced to chop itself in half.  However, Bus Stop is still a pleasant place to relax.  Some items on the menu are worth tolerating the lack of an air-conditioned eatery.

I returned to Bus Stop just the other day and went upstairs.  You have to position yourself right, because it can be very sticky and humid.  Those annoying trickles of sweat run in the most uncomfortable of places!  I ordered chicken with cashew nuts, which is reasonably priced at 110 Baht.  This succulent dish comes with steamed rice and it is very tasty.  The only thing I do not like are those rubbery, dark mushrooms that have a most peculiar taste.  On this occasion I forget to tell the chef to omit the rubber blubber! 

Similar to quite a few eateries, when dining at Bus Stop it is an advantage to know what you are ordering.  The Bus Stop menu is not one to experiment with.  I (nearly) always go with recommendations from trusted friends.  Other dishes that I like are the beef stew and the bacon cheeseburger.  Never under any circumstances order the T bone steak!  You will be trying to dissect and chew the damned thing from here until eternity.  Stick to the basics and be VERY CLEAR when you order.  The service staff never seem to write the orders down and mistakes do happen.  All in all, Bus Stop is worth making that essential food stop.     

Directly across the road Steak One remains closed.  I used to eat in Steak One but this became more occasional, because prices would increase, but food portions would not increase.  At this point, I do not know what is going to happen with the location.  Anybody have any idea?


On Saturday, September 15 I went along to Dean Barrett’s book signing.  It was hosted by the Texas Lone Star Saloon, which is located inside the Washington Square complex.  (Washington Square is a left turn inside Sukhumvit, Soi 22).  I was running a bit late due to a very busy Friday night in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar.  I walked into a packed house in the Texas Lone Star Saloon at around 3:20 PM.  The popular Bangkok author Dean Barrett had attracted a capacity crowd and therefore, all of the free lunches had gone.  I think this was all credit to Dean for a highly successful book signing.  I was not upset about missing the free lunch, because let’s face it there are MANY excellent restaurants and eateries in Bangkok.

Dean was signing copies of his latest novel Dragon Slayer.  I enjoyed talking to Dean, although it was a brief conversation, because he was busy talking to his avid readers.  The acclaimed author Chris Moore was also present and so, it was great to see Chris Moore again.   


Dave The Rave — “Dean, how many books did you sell.”

Dean Barrett — “Enough for a whole bunch of short times.”

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This Friday, September 21 is the Grand Opening Party for Sisterz Go-Go Bar.  Located in the heart of Walking Street Sisterz is the latest addition to Walking Street’s go-go bar scene. “Tricky Ricky” invites you all to attend a night of fun and frolics.  Ricky is a popular figure amid Thailand’s naughty nightlife and a very friendly host.  Already they have acquired approximately 50 dancing Sisterz.  The party will get going from 9:00 PM onwards.  Be prepared for something old, something new, something borrowed, and (knowing Ricky) definitely something blue!  Good luck to Sisterz.  Check it out!


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