Nightlife Newsflash – Bars Closed On April 9

Nightlife Newsflash – Due to the Royal Funeral, the bars and nightspots across Thailand are requested to close on Monday, April 9th. It was previously thought that the bar closures would be April 8th, 9th and 10th. But, this has since been revised. As usual, we found out last minute, but it is good news that Β the bar closure is reduced to just one night.

Furthermore, with Thailand being Thailand, there are ways around most things. If you want to go out on April 9th, your best bet would be to to visit a pub, or restaurant. Places which have a food and beverage license are much more likely to be allowed to sell alcohol. It makes a mockery of the enforced closure of the other bars and nightspots, but pubs and restaurants possess this loophole in the idiosyncratic world of Thailand nightlife. Mind you, if Thailand’s nightlife was all above board it would be as boring as Farangland. Anyway, there is one solution for a night out on April 9th.

BangkokΒ – Bars and nightspots in Bangkok will be open tonight (April 10th).

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