Pattaya Water Wars Warning

Dave the Rave Bangkok Default Featured Image

I’m issuing a ‘Water Wars Warning’ for Saturday and Sunday (April 18-19th). Thai New Year or ‘Songkran’ celebrations still continue in Pattaya this weekend. Why tell you this? Because, the water wars in Pattaya are insane! There is little to no chance of escaping a soaking. If you enjoy wet ‘n’ wild water warfare, then Pattaya is the place to be. If you don’t appreciate the Songkran slingers, then it is advisable to avoid Pattaya today and tomorrow.

I looked at the Thai news on TV and it showed the Songkran slingers in full swing down in Kaosan Road in Bangkok. What immediately struck me was the fact that foreigners were in the vast minority. The remarkable lack of farangs during the Songkran celebrations, says a lot about the current climate in Bangkok right now. Incidentally, most of the bars, go-go bars and other nightlife venues, were quiet in Bangkok last night. Under the circumstances, it’s not surprising.