Pattaya’s Lighthouse Go-Go Reopens

Lighthouse a-Go-Go Walking Street Pattaya sign

The recently reopened Lighthouse a-Go-Go on Walking Street is no longer owned by the same group that previously ran Lighthouse, as well as other bars in Bangkok and Pattaya such as Shark, Mandarin, Red Dragon, Fahrenheit, and Shark. Instead, the owners of Palace and Tantra bars now own 80% and 20% of Lighthouse Pattaya, respectively.

On Friday night, the Lighthouse was lively with two teams of showgirls and coyotes entertaining the audience. However, the festivities were cut short when the police arrived at 10 p.m. on St. Patrick’s Day. They turned on the house lights, checked IDs, conducted urine tests, and took photos of a few girls. Interestingly, the same showgirls who had just been performing topless on stage moments before, suddenly crouched down and wrapped their arms around their chests to hide their see-through white tops, lest a Thai man see their breasts. Although the lights went off quickly and the music resumed, the girls refused to dance until the police had left, causing most customers to quickly pay their bills and leave.