American Tourist Stomped by Security at Phuket Pub

Phuket pub where the American said he was stomped
The Phuket pub where an American tourist said he was attacked by security thugs.

An American tourist appealed to the media for help after he was attacked by bouncers in a Phuket pub.

Bryce Alan Terzian, 33, claimed Sunday that Chalong police had not investigated his case, even though he reported it April 8.

Terzian said he was in a Phuket pub in Rawai Subdistrict around 4 a.m. when he got into an argument with the DJ. He then claimed he was dragged away by security guards who stomped on him, breaking his nose. He was treated at Chalong Hospital.

Proof Against Phuket Pub

To prove his case, Terzian had a Thai friend ask for the security-camera footage from the bar and written proof of his injuries from the hospital.

“I came to Phuket and Thailand for the first time. Everyone here is very nice. Everyone in the pub is good except that DJ. If I go back to the country, I will come back to travel again. I love Thailand,” Terazin told the media Sunday.

It’s certainly not the first time Americans have gotten a kicking in Phuket bars.