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DUKE'S DELICIOUS RIBS, PIZZAS, BURGERS, SALADS & MORE!I want you to know that I always endeavour to improve this website and the information service I provide for you.  Recently I have decided to use a professional email marketing company to host my New Email List.  Due to strict anti-spam regulations, it is better to use a reputable service.  I also advise you to use a personal email and NOT your company email.  Spam filters and certain companies do not like you receiving bulk emails from websites like mine.  They are boring buggers, but that’s political correctness for you!

For those wishing to join my New Email List, please click on the ‘Join Email List’ box on the top of the Side Bar to your right.  A simple form will appear and you just enter your email and your name, then you hit the ‘Submit’ button.  Following that step, you will receive a verification email, in which you need to confirm you are a real person and not a robot, or an alien!  Remember that you only have to do this once, but this method ensures an almost 100% chance of you receiving my Thailand nightlife updates.

Note that if you have been on my Email List for the past six months or longer, you are already on my New Mailing List.  As always, thanks for visiting.  Cheers!