S. African ‘Falls’ After Running Out on Bill at Pattaya Go-Go Bar

XS Pattaya Go-Go Bar

A South African man suffered head injuries in a Pattaya go-go bar dispute after allegedly refusing to pay his bill on Walking Street.

The chaotic altercation took place at XS a-Go-Go bar – known for its aggressive security staff – in the early hours of May 10.

Pattaya police were alerted to the altercation at 1:30 a.m. Upon arrival, officers discovered 40-year-old South African national, John Paul Viljoen, bleeding from head injuries.

According to security guards, Viljoen had an outstanding bill of 9,470 baht and refused to pay for his drinks. The situation escalated when Viljoen crumpled up his bill and threw it at a guard, attempting to leave the establishment.

Security attempted to stop him, leading to a scuffle between Viljoen and the guards. The guards claimed they tried to deescalate the situation, but an intoxicated Viljoen “fell” and hit his head while trying to flee.

Both Viljoen and the security guards were taken to the Pattaya Police Station to review CCTV footage and negotiate. While in custody, Viljoen agreed to pay his outstanding bill and was later released.

Pattaya police continue to investigate the incident and encourage venue management and security guards to call authorities if a customer refuses to pay a bill, rather than attempting to handle the situation themselves.