Sexy Thai Girl Duos – Double Trouble!

    Double Bubble

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    I have been massively busy and have not posted a ‘Photo Of The Day’ for a while, so here are a few to make up. They say good things come in pairs, so here are some photos of incredibly sexy Thai girl duos. This can get you into ‘double trouble’ and there is no sympathy going out to the photographers – the lucky buggers! I am working on a new gallery which will hopefully be finished soon.

    Lots more updates, not just on the posts,  but  to the website as well, so please keep checking in. As some readers have already commented, my website is much more easy on the eyes, and the new menu bar makes it much easier to navigate. I’m sure you will agree that my webmaster Toby has done a fantastic job. Also, please note the new share button (bottom left of each post), which not only allows you to share with Facebook, but also with other major social network websites. These include Twitter, MySpace and Digg. Enjoy!

    Sexy Thai Girls - Double Trouble!

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