Eight months after it reopened following a coronavirus-pandemic shutdown, Shark Soi Cowboy has relaunched, with 30 new ladies, new DJs and fresh management.

Unlike the other go-go bars also operated by the group that owns Mandarin Club & Red Dragon Club & Lounge in Nana Plaza, plus the Fahrenheit and Shark bars in Pattaya, Shark Soi Cowboy has floundered post-Covid, struggling to fill the stage and stuck in pre-pandemic habits of recruiting both ladies and customers.

Members of the Shark Soi Cowboy team had been with the company for as many as 20 years, so ownership was extremely loyal and gave them a long leash, hoping they would return Shark to its position as the No. 1 or No. 2 go-go on Soi Cowboy (competing with Baccara for the honors). But, after more than nine months, ownership’s patience finally ran out and, on June 1, wholesale changes were made, leading to explosive fallout this week and false rumors that Shark Soi Cowboy had been sold.

On June 1, an entire new team of mamasans/papapsans, Thai managers, a French manager and new DJs were brought in. Existing staff were told they now had to report to the new management, which went over like a lead balloon.

Finally, face lost and her ego bruised, a longtime on Monday night quit and marched up and down Soi Cowboy, looking for a new job and telling all and sundry that Shark Soi Cowboy had been sold to the Rainbow Group and all its girls let go. The lies spread like wildfire rumors, with phones across the city exploding with text messages around midnight. Even Shark’s new foreign manager was caught off guard.

Shark Soi Cowboy NOT Sold

Clarity came with the sunrise and the mama’s rumormongering was put down as false. Shark has not been sold and ownership is gearing up, with plans for new promotions, marketing and photos.

Thirty new ladies were brought in from “modeling” agencies (what used to be known as coyote agencies), all of them younger, fitter and prettier than anyone lumbering along Shark’s long stage since September. And, as is always the case, customers will follow the pretty girls.

Management says Shark Soi Cowboy has done more revenue each night since the start of the month than any week since it reopened in September.

Shark still has the best happy hour on Soi Cowboy, with all drinks priced at just 95 baht from 5 p.m. (outside) until 8:30 p.m. (inside and outside). There also is draft beer available for 95 baht all night.

Shark Soi Cowboy also is cashing in on the group’s rotating cast of seven DJs who have brought Shark’s playlist back up to its historical greatness with a super upbeat vibe going all night.

With dozens of hot new girls, the cheapest beer on Cowboy and the best happy hour, Shark Club is the place to be again.