Bangkok & Pattaya Bars Are Open

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SOI COWBOY - BANGKOK - THAILAND - 001Once again, some people find themselves in a state of confusion about this weekend.  In fact, there is so much confusion that some farangs have left Thailand to party in neighbouring countries.  This time around, a Buddhist holiday coincided with yet more Government Elections.  What I NOW KNOW is that certain most bars in Bangkok and Pattaya are open on Saturday and Sunday.  Technically, it should be strictly “NO ALCOHOL” but there will be places across Thailand that discretely serves booze.  Your “coke” will be graciously enhanced and certain bars will be serving “special tea.”  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink… if you know what I mean!  Do you remember the last Elections?  Down in Club Electric Blue in Patpong, there was a special drink that guys swear tastes just like real beer.  It’s amazing!

Right across Bangkok, you will see that some small bars will not bother to open.  It is just not worth the time and effort for smaller bars.  Unless a bar has an attraction other than booze, why would they bother to open?

BANGKOK UPDATE – For some reason Soi Cowboy was closed last night, but a bar owner told me that Soi Cowboy will be open Saturday and Sunday.  Good news!

The bars in Pattaya have been told they must close by the police and closure papers have been issued.  However, some bars will be playing the waiting game to see if they can open.  It is possibly worth checking around Pattaya, because it is rumoured that some bars will try to open this weekend.  Unfortunately, if last time is anything to go by, the police might not allow any bars in Pattaya to open.

PATTAYA UPDATE – A last minute decision has allowed the bars in Pattaya to open last night.  I am not sure what alcohol will be available, but at least the bars are open.  Hooray!

Regarding the party animals, you guys could do with a deserved break from the booze, which includes Dave The Rave.  Let your poor suffering bodies have a couple of nights off getting smashed.  Although we know it is due to the Government Elections, this weekend could be called “Health Awareness Weekend!”