Thai Girls & Tattoos – Hot Or Not?

    Thai Girls & Tattoos

    Now in Thailand we see more and more Thai girls with tattoos and its not just bar girls; movie stars, models, actresses, it’s just become so big now. We remember when Angelina Jolie got her famous Tattoos in Thailand from Ajarn Noo aka the ‘Spirit Man.’  Now everyone wants in!  The rise in the number of Thai girls getting a Tattoo is astounding. Personally, I think Tattoos on women are really sexy (when done well), but I know a lot of people don’t like them.  Go on, give us your opinions and have your say… (see the pics and video)

    Is she more beautiful with the Tattoo?

    Thai Spiritual Tattoos

    There are others who have spiritual tattoos done, with a number of Thais believing that they hold special protective powers. Some of the Buddhist tattoos are an art form and can be very elaborate. Perhaps you remember the go-go dancer from Angelwitch in Nana Plaza, with the famous Hindu tattoo that covers her back? Before people make a mockery of a Thai girl’s tattoo, they should be careful it is not spiritual. Lord knows what will happen to them in their next life!

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    Sexy Ink! Hot or Not?