Thai Police Crackdown In Pattaya

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A variety of stealth sleuth operations has discovered shocking evidence that there is sex-on-sale in the tourist resort of Pattaya.  Several police divisions have revealed that a very serious crackdown will begin next month to catch foreign business people who are financial backers of gay bars, beer bars and  go-go bars, where there is sex-on-sale in Pattaya.

Police investigations will determine who pays the bills and gets the profits. If the person is a foreigner, then their visa will be revoked and they will be expelled from Thailand. If it is a Thai, they will be arrested if sex is for sale. There is supposedly much concern about organized crime in the nightlife venues, said one official.

One Police Chief commented, ‘Where did the money come from?  Who is behind it?  Where does the money go?’

‘I advise anyone who has invested in a bar that might be suspected of illegal acts to clear up the problem and make sure they are not associated with any business that is engaged in illegal activities. The Thai police are taking this very seriously. Sure, in the past we have heard rumours of crackdowns, but I don’t think we have ever seen a crackdown like the one that is about to happen,’ said Drew Noyes, Managing Director of the Pattaya Times.

DAVES RAVES – You may have noticed that the Pattaya Times has covered this story, whereas the BIG media channels and newspapers have not covered the story at all.  It will be interesting to see what happens in Pattaya next month.


‘Probably what the Thailand needs more than anything is a crackdown on crackdowns.’  (Anon).

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