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YUI - AFTER DARK ASIA I will try to get Thailand Night Fever online as early as I can today, because it’s my birthday.  Give or take the odd week here and there, my birthday coincides with several anniversaries.  As coincidence would have it, my first trip to Thailand was 20 years ago in May 1988.  On May 20th, I will have been in Angelwitch for 3 years.  Also, this year sees me commence my 10th consecutive year in Nana Plaza, as the Go-Go Guru.  As you can see guys, 2008 is a rather significant year for Dave The Rave.  If you are in Bangkok, you are most welcome to help me celebrate my birthday tonight.  I will be in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza.  If you cannot make it don’t worry, because belated birthday wishes are always appreciated.  I look forward to seeing some of you later tonight.  I just hope that I manage to “survive” my birthday bash… Cheers!


Early last Friday evening I walked over to the motorcycle taxi stand.  It was cloudy, but I had committed myself to setting off for Nana Plaza via motorcycle taxi.  We were just coming up to a major intersection and WHOOSH!  The skies opened up and silvery bullets hammered down onto the concrete.  The rain was so heavy that I was doing an impression of a drowned rat within a minute.  I was completely soaked to the skin.  The motorcycle taxi stopped at the entrancePRIVATE DANCER to Nana Plaza.  There I was sat in Angelwitch with a white towel wrapped around my waste.  I had an Angelwitch T-shirt on and a pair of bright green rubber flip-flops.  That must have been quite a sight!  The girls in Angelwitch were giggling as they teased me.  Almost two hours later and my clothes were dry… Methinks it is time to prepare for the monsoon season.    As you can see, unexpected heavy rainfall in Bangkok has certainly caught some of us by surprise.  With the temperatures being so high this hot season, I was very surprised to see heavy rainfall right after Songkran.  This hot season the rain has emerged early, but it helps to cool the stifling heat.



The nightlife scene across Bangkok has been subdued this April.  Songkran was disappointing for most bars compared to last year.  But, now that Songkran has ended, the crowds were out in force this weekend.  Friday and Saturday nights were very busy in Nana Plaza.  The top go-go bars have replenished their line-ups, as bargirls return to the neon jungle.  This weekend in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar I notice a significant number of Singha bottles dotted around the bar.  This is a clear indicator that there are still plenty of tourists in Bangkok.       

Last week I mentioned that Pretty Lady Go-Go Bar runs a Happy Hour up until 9:00pm.  Pretty Lady charges 80 Baht for standard drinks, which also includes San Miguel Lite.  Well guys, I have discovered another Happy Hour in Erotica Go-Go Bar.  Standard drinks are 80 Baht and it runs until at least 9:00pm.  The strange thing is that Erotica were not openly promoting it.



The strict “NO SMOKING” rule down in Soi Cowboy is easing up, because customers are allowed to smoke in a few bars.  A friend told me that he recently smoked upstairs in Baccara.  In Long Gun Go-Go Bar, it was OK for him to have a crafty cigarette in the toilets.  It is also OK to smoke in Midnite, Dundee and Cactus.  An owner of several go-go bars in Soi Cowboy has recently bought Black & White Go-Go Bar.  Black & White is two doors down from Tilac Go-Go Bar.  In reflection of his pricing policy, he has raised the price of drinks.  Black & White is now under the same ownership as Spice Girls, Midnite, Our Place, Déjà Vu and Spankys in Nana Plaza.



In terms of partying late in Pattaya, things are looking good again.  Recently, closing times have been relaxed and the go-go bars can open until at least 3:00am.  Some go-go bars may close earlier, but that is usually the bar owners decision.  Meanwhile, the late night bars, discos and clubs are open until the very early hours.

Darrel has returned from the recently opened V20 in Phuket to manage V20 in Pattaya again.  Located on Walking Street V20 is different to the norm, because it is a vodka ice bar.  V20 has the largest selection of Absolut Vodka in Thailand, which are stored in a special ice room.  There are no less than 27 different types of Absolut Vodka available.  Of all the flavours, you can even order Absolut Tamarind.  That’s got to be the largest stock of vodka flavours in Thailand.  Is that the most Absolut?  Absolutely! 

Sweethearts Go-Go Bar on Walking Street (opposite Lucifer’s Disco) charge just 400 Baht for their bar fine.  Sweethearts also have a Happy Hour that runs until 10:00pm and draught beer is only 45 baht.  Rather than the notorious small beer glasses, Sweethearts give their customers a half pint glass.  Even after Happy Hour has finished, standard drinks are ONLY 95 Baht.  This includes house beers, house spirits, and even lady drinks are only 95 Baht.  Sweethearts operate with a tabletop go-go dance format.  With these low prices Sweethearts must be worth a try.  Cheers for the cheap beers!


Bret, the owner of Bret Bar in Soi 6 sadly passed away on April 22nd.  A traditional Thai funeral was held for Bret in the temple in Naklua village on April 28th.  Last night Bret’s wife May, threw a party to send him off in the way that he would have wished.  Early on in the evening, a toast was dedicated to the life and times of Bret.  Friends said that Bret truly loved Pattaya and he will be sadly missed.

Yesterday (April 29th) saw the official opening of Pattaya Beer Garden.  It will be interesting to see how much trade this new venue can attract.  As with any brand new establishment, it is only fair to give Pattaya Beer Garden a sufficient amount of time to build up their business.  Pattaya people will no doubt will have their various opinions, but it’s early days and therefore, I think the jury is still out on this one.    

Following the recent refurbishment, Ocean 10 Club on Walking Street has reopened.  For those seeking something different Ocean 10 has a live band that plays three times during the night.  In addition, the club also features several DJs. 

Now that Hammer Disco has installed an escalator, they should attract more customers.

Unfortunately, this Saturday, May 3rd will be another dry day due to the local elections.  Poor ole Pattaya will get closed down yet again.  Meanwhile, Bangkok’s nightlife and other parts of Thailand remain unaffected on May 3rd.



I was aimlessly walking around Dubai, when I spotted a sign that said “Topless Bar.”  I sat down and I noticed that there were no dolly birds.  I looked up and just my luck there was no bloody roof!  (Dave The Rave 2008)


“My father told me all about the birds and the bees.  The liar — I went steady with a woodpecker till I was twenty-one!”  (Bob Hope).

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