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Later Closing Times Are Reinstated In Bangkok

AFTER DARK ASIAOnce again, later closing times have been reinstated across the nightspots in Bangkok.  While some people might not care either way, later closing times are essential for Bangkok’s nightlife industry.  Foreign visitors and expat residents alike want to go out and enjoy themselves.  Regarding the bar owners, less trading hours means considerably less takings.  It is no fun going along to your favourite bar only to see the boys in brown close it early.  Similar to any other country, the nightlife areas do not get going until later on in the evening.  Most people are looking to hit the town after their meal and some relaxation time.  We humans are such creatures of habit; we just won’t go out any earlier, no matter what time the bars close.  While Bangkok’s nightspots revert back to 2:00am closing, it’s evident that there is more on display in some of the go-go bars.

Closing Times In Phuket And Pattaya

The current closing time in Phuket is 2:00am, which is a disappointment to bar owners down there, because the nightspots in Phuket were staying open until 4:00am.  This means that the closing time of 2:00am is a loss for Phuket, but a gain for Bangkok.  Despite governmental efforts, in many ways Pattaya remains its own entity.  Thailand’s premier Pleasure Playground continues to exist in its own little world.  The go-go bars in Pattaya are allowed to stay open until at least 3:00am and the clubs, discos stay open until anywhere from 4:00am-6:00am.  Thankfully, for you party animals they still do!


Why Do Swiss Men Like Thailand?

The answer lies in this little story… My Swiss friend Daniel is a friendly guy and a very loyal customer to Nana Plaza.  His favourite go-go bar is Rainbow 1, where he frequently visits.  Daniel does also like to visit Angelwitch as well.  Daniel walked into Angelwitch the other night to have a belated birthday drink with me.  I was happy to see Daniel and very pleased that he made a special visit to see me.  Daniel explained that he had just returned from Switzerland and started to tell me about his trip.

SOI NANA BANGKOKThe conversation was getting interesting, because Daniel was talking about a visit he made to a strip club called Calypso in Zürich.  I was shocked to learn that one glass of Jack Daniels cost an extortionate 900 Baht.  I was even more shocked when Daniel said, “One lady drink cost him over 1,000 Baht.”  Ouch, now that hurts!  The barfine is disguised, because it comes in the form of a bottle of champagne.  A bottle of champagne in Calypso Strip Club is a “snip” at 12,000 Baht.  One of the “performers” told Daniel that it would cost 15,000 Baht in addition to the 12,000 Baht champagne, if he wanted to fool around.  Not only that, but the customer has to show he is “generous” and buy lady drinks, as well as the compulsory 12,000 Baht champagne (barfine).  Not surprisingly, Daniel declined her offer… Not tonight Josephine!  Daniel is intending to bring the drinks bill to show me.

Daniel went on to say that he can’t understandSAN MIGUEL BEER Europeans who say that the go-go bars are expensive.  Daniel stated that farangs must be crazy if they think the go-go bars in Thailand are expensive.  Even the most expensive go-go bars are a fraction of the price in comparison.  In the Thai go-go bars, Daniel could have anywhere from 10-15 go-go girls for the price of one in Zurich.  Daniel concluded by saying, “I won’t be going back to Switzerland for at least 3 more years.”

I think the clear message here is that Westerners (Europeans in particular), should remember the vast difference in cost.  This is especially true when you compare prices between Europe and Thailand.  Can you imagine if lady drinks in Thai go-go bars cost over 1,000 Baht each and the barfine was 12,000 Baht?  Thankfully, Thailand is not extortionate like Switzerland.  Therefore, this is why Westerners should appreciate the Thai go-go bars more than some of them do.

Nana Plaza — A Trek Into The Neon Jungle

Fairly recently the owners of Mercury Go-Go Bar sold it to the owner of Erotica Bar.  The old Mercury then became Erotica Pool House, which is now a quiet bar where folks can play pool.  However, this is not why guys come to Nana Plaza, and it remains virtually empty. Since then Mercury Go-Go Bar has relocated next to Mandarin Table Dance.  The new Mercury opened on Monday, May 5th.  Mercury now consists of a tiny go-go stage inside a small bar.

Fire In Mandarin Go-Go Bar

NANA PLAZA BANGKOKAround 9:00pm on Monday night a fire started on the top level of Mandarin Go-Go Bar.  The fire broke out in the office and all three levels of Mandarin were saturated by fire hoses.  The water damage alone must be considerable.  Fortunately, everybody escaped the fire unharmed.  So far it is not known what the cause of the fire was.  Sadly, all of the staff salaries were lost in the fire.  I was talking to some of the Mandarin girls and they didn’t know when they would get paid, or when Mandarin will be open again.  I feel very sorry for the Thai staff, because most of them live hand to mouth.  As a precautionary measure, the power along most of Soi Nana was turned off.  It was strange seeing Nana Hotel in darkness.  I counted 10 fire trucks in Soi Nana of varying sizes.  Considering Sukhumvit Roads traffic congestion, it was quite a quick response by the Thai fire fighters.  There was one moment of panic as a large fire hose started spraying water all over the new escalator.  Water came cascading down off the escalator until the coupling was tightly secured.  The concern was that the main breaker circuit is situated below the escalator in the far corner.  Electricity was restored at 10:30pm and Nana Plaza carried on as though nothing had happened.


Pattaya — Pleasure Playground

Although technically May should still be the hot season, rainfall has hit Thailand very early this year.  This just adds to the problems that Pattaya’s nightlife has to suffer.  Even though the rainfall is intermittent, it is definitely not welcomed by a beach resort.  Reports show that although Thailand’s level of tourist arrivals has risen, there is a significant difference in the nationalities.  The number of visitors from the Middle East in particular has risen sharply.  You only have toFLYING TO BANGKOK walk around some of the shopping malls and you will see what I mean.  Also, some hotels and serviced apartments are flooded with Arabs.  Down in Pattaya visitors from Eastern Europe, shows the largest increase in tourist arrivals from any one region.  Russia is at the top of the list.  There are more and more families and married couples arriving, and less single men for various reasons.  A Pattaya bar owner said to me, “A lot of the tourists that are arriving in Pattaya this year, are not the type of people who will spend money in the girly bars.”  Unfortunately, for Pattaya bar owners this is a true statement, because tourism reports reflect exactly that.

Pattaya Go-Go Bar Welcomes The US Navy

A go-go bar on Walking Street recently planned a warm welcome for the US Navy.  In the usual fashion, a banner was erected to welcome the US Servicemen.  Furthermore, they generously offered tequila shots for only 20 Baht.  This was a good idea in theory.  The only problem was that the US Navy left that morning.  Rather than passing ships in the night, this was a case of passing ships in the morning… They literally missed the boat!

US Servicemen Arrive For Cobra Gold

Once again the Cobra Gold military operations are underway in South East Asia.  This means that Pattaya might see a lot of US Servicemen hit the bars this month.  Some of you guys might want to be prepared for that.  I know that a hoard of horny sailors does not appeal to everybody!  Once the Cobra Gold exercises finish, the US Navy will land for R&R (Rest & Recreation), or more like I&I (Intoxication & Intercourse).

Superstar Sisterz

Sisterz Go-Go Bar on Walking Street have raised the price of their barfines.  The barfine for go-go dancers is now 600 Baht.  If you choose to barfine a “superstar” it will cost you 1,500 Baht before midnight and 1,000 Baht after midnight.  From the vibe going around Pattaya and on the chat boards, it has not gone down very well. 




Pattaya Palladium

Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Pattaya continues to draw big crowds on a nightly basis.  Angelwitch is described by many people as the most spectacular go-go venue in South East Asia.  Regarding its magnificent design, I think it is very difficult to deny that fact.  I have labelled the venue “Pattaya Palladium” because of the stylish shows that ooze with glitz ‘n’ glam.  The obvious evidence of the success of both Angelwitch Pattaya and Angelwitch in Nana Plaza is a packed house at Showtime every night.  Because Angelwitch Go-Go Bars have carved a special niche in the market, the style of the shows appeals to a wide audience.  You will notice that even Asian and Western women make up a percentage of the audience.  Showtime starts at 10:00pm.  Enjoy!

Misty’s Go-Go Bar Opens This Friday, May 9th

The new Misty’s Go-Go Bar will host a soft opening this Friday, May 9th.  In about two weeks time there will be a Grand Opening Party, but initially Misty’s want to get up and running.  Misty’s has relocated opposite Angelwitch in Soi 15 (just off Walking Street).  The new Misty’s is billed as, “bigger and better than before.”  The owner of Misty’s promises some special design features.  All of the go-go dancers, service girls and the manager Paul will still be with the team.  We wish Misty’s Go-Go Bar the very best of luck in her new location.  Check it out!

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