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Walking Street - Pattaya - ThailandRight across the realm it is high season in Thailand.  The tourists have poured into the hot spots, especially Phuket and Pattaya.  Down in Pleasure Playground, Walking Street has turned into Crawling Street.  It is literally teeming with people and pedestrian traffic is at its highest level.  Several long-term expats have told me that they have never seen Pattaya so crammed with foreigners.  Pattaya is on a high season high!    

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Here in Bangkok it is also teeming with tourists, but they consist of a lot of married couples, families and a surprising number of elderly folks.  Therefore, the married couples and families are out and about doing the regular rounds, which will include some tourist traps no doubt.  I think some old hands here tend to forgot that Bangkok is a BIG draw to those who wish to enjoy classy hotels and restaurants.  Also, the sightseeing and shopping opportunities are endless.  This leads us to realise that only a minority of this type of tourist are going to be seen partying in the notorious neighbourhoods of Patpong, Soi Cowboy, or Soi Nana.  

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For the tourist industry it is always a good thing to have foreigners from all walks of life pouring into Thailand.  Despite some testing times Thailand still remains a top destination for millions of travellers.  Sometimes there appears to be mixed reports with one person saying that there are a lot of tourists and another saying that they think it is quiet.  Remember that Bangkok is a HUGE sprawling metropolis and tourists can be in any number of places.  One thing you will notice is that the kinds of visitors to Thailand varies much more than it used to.  For example, you would not think that families or older people would go to Pattaya for a holiday, but surprisingly they do.


I was told that the Russians were coming to Pattaya.  Well, they most certainly are arriving in force.  Fairly recently, a change in the visa regulations, now allows Russians to get a 30 day visa-on-arrival.  This will mean that people can arrive in droves from Russia and all with the ease of getting a visa-on-arrival.  In addition, there are some very serious Russian businessmen who are setting up businesses in Pattaya.  Therefore, if you thought there were a lot of Russians around Pattaya, now you know why.  The Russians are coming and they are arriving in their thousands. 

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Can you feel it?  I am talking about the “Bangkok Buzz” of course!  Nowadays in Bangkok there are a vast amount of entertainment establishments that offer us such a tremendous variety.  Exactly what is on offer can vary from a Thai dancing show in an Isaan restaurant, English and Irish theme pubs, coyote clubs, karaoke bars, nightclubs with top international DJ’s, gyrating go-go gals shaking their stuff in various stages of dress, new emerging G-clubs, to the many talented live bands playing pop, rock, blues and jazz.  Go back in time and Bangkok’s nightlife scene never offered such a vast variety of entertainment establishments as it does today.  In terms of the sheer variety of nightlife entertainment, Bangkok has the most to offer out of all the capital cities in Asia.


Bangkok’s nightlife entertainment history has stood the acid test of time, because it dates back decades.  Even as far back in time as the 1950’s, Thai hostesses were elegantly presented in silk dresses.  The classy clubs would discretely refer to bargirls in those days as “taxi girls.”  This was because you literally were taking them for a ride!

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When the Vietnam War escalated in the 1960’s, the “love you long time GI Joe” era was born.  Bangkok’s nightlife industry would never be the same ever again.  In some people’s eyes this was at least something positive that emerged from the Vietnam War.  In the late 1960’s the go-go bar scene was introduced to Bangkok.  Deemed to be just a passing fad, the go-go bars in Bangkok are still going strong after an incredible 40 years.  The remarkable resilience of the go-go bar business never ceases to amaze me.


Bangkok-based acclaimed author Christopher Moore is running a contest with the winner getting a free copy of the Special Limited Edition of “A Killing Smile.”  In addition, everyone who enters will receive free copy of the paperback edition of “The Big Weird.”  Wow!  That is very generous Chris! 


San Miguel Beer In ThailandTo enter the contest is easy. Take a photo, or short video inside your favourite bookstore, with someone holding a copy of “The Risk of Infidelity Index” and email the image or video file to Chris Moore.  Remember to include details of name of the bookstore, its address, and your name and address, so I can send off a copy of The Big Weird.Here is Chris Moore’s website.  Check it out on this LINK HERE.  You will see the first entry has already been posted.

Tom Plate, a Syndicated Columnist, wrote about “RISK” a few days ago in The Seattle Times:-
“An accomplished novelist can penetrate through life’s surface reality and bring out unique word-pictures of profound meaning and clarity. Chris Moore’s series of private-eye tales set in the full mysterious splendor of bubbling Bangkok, Thailand, remind us anew of how much meaning we miss out on when we don’t worship true artists. Underneath Bangkok society is a deeply encrusted demiworld of hope, despair, corruption and courage that Moore paints with maestrolike Dickensian strokes.”  Chris Moore said, “I look forward to receiving your photos and/or videos!”  Good luck and have fun!

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Inside the tunnel, that connects Sukhumvit, soi 5 and soi 7 (next to the Beer Garden); there is a massage place about in the middle.  The name of the place is called Popeye’s.  Now, as many of you know, Popeye is a cartoon character who gets his strength from eating spinach.  A Thai woman purchased the shop last September, who just happens to have been given the nickname Popeye by her customers at the massage shop she worked at before.  The nickname Popeye was not given for how she looks, but for her bone crushing massages.  In fact, she is a very nice and intelligent person and can hold a meaningful conservation with you between asking you “Are you OK?”  The shop is small and only has four girls working there, but if you are into bone crushing massages, go and ask for Popeye.


The latest edition of the popular magazine After Dark Asia is on sale now (Thursday, January 10th).  Please remember if you want a copy, bookstores will most probably NOT stock it.  However, After Dark Asia is widely available from the numerous news stands around Bangkok and Pattaya.  Quite a number of go-go bars in Pattaya also sell it.   


Let’s get ready to rumble!  Because, it’s Dirty Dance Contest time!  After Dark Asia Magazine, proudly present a Go-Go Dance Contest in Hammer Disco in Pattaya.  If you are in Pattaya next Tuesday, January 15th, make sure you swing by.  Actually, the kick off time is 1:00am on January 16th.  Hammer Disco is located opposite soi 14.  The battling beauties entering originate from 12 go-go bars, which will include Angelwitch Go-Go Bar.  The HEAT will be on, because the winner will receive 25,000 Baht.  With that kind of prize money at stake, this will be a fantastic event.  For further details, contact After Dark Asia.

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In the meantime, if you cannot be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!

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