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World Snooker Champion Stephen HendryThere is exciting news for sports fans, because Stephen Hendry will be in Thailand from Monday, May 19th until Friday, May 23rd.  The record-breaking, seven-time World Snooker Champion will arrive as a guest of John Smith’s Bitter and Strongbow Cider.  The “Flying Scotsman” will make a series of one-hour appearances, in what will be a whistle-stop tour of selected venues in Bangkok, Koh Samui and Pattaya.  The Stephen Hendry Roadshow is sponsored by Scottish & Newcastle Brewery and is hosted in association withJOHN SMITH'S EXTRA SMOOTH BITTER Fluid Asia Pacific.  Stephen will be making himself available for a questions and answers session at each pub.  Stephen will also play some exhibition frames, so this could be your chance to play against a living legend.  During the time available at each pub, he will try to meet everyone and have a chat.  You are also welcome to bring your cameras along and have your photo taken with one of the most successful snooker players in history.  In addition, Stephen will sign his autograph for you.  Full details of the Stephen Hendry Roadshow will be posted closer to the date.


Nana Drama

Following on from the fire in Mandarin Go-Go Bar last week, it was fortunate that the damage was not as bad as first feared.  Surprisingly, Mandarin was operational again very quickly, which was a bonus.  Some go-go dancers from Mandarin told me they did not receive their salaries, because all of the money was destroyed in the fire.  With apartments and bills to pay, I do hope they all received their earnings.

Currently Mandarin operates on one level, which means we miss out on the sexy and energetic go-go girls upstairs.  For many guys, including myself, this was the main reason I used to visit Mandarin.  Another problem that has arisen is the very aggressive mamasan from Mandarin.  You cannot miss her because she is HUGE!  She was running both Mandarin Go-Go Bar and the sister bar Mandarin Table Dance.  Recently, following complaints from both customers and the staff at Mandarin, she now just takes care of Mandarin Table Dance.  The co-owners of Mandarin had to take urgent action, when several of their girls decided to leave, due to Big Mama.  Some of the girls from Mandarin Go-Go Bar have since started working in Erotica Go-Go Bar.


One evening I decided to have a stroll around the middle level of Nana Plaza with Stickman.  I wanted to show him where the new Mercury Go-Go Bar had relocated.  It was a smooth ride on the new escalator that took us virtually to the doorstep of Mercury.  Stickman and I even managed to speak to one of the owners of Mercury Bar.  She is a very attractive Thai woman and her team were just putting the final touches to the brand new Mercury.  We stood at the doorway and peered inside.  Mercury Go-Go Bar is now located next to Mandarin Table Dance on the left-hand side and the vacant unit on the right-hand side, which was the Big Mango Bar

Just as Stickman was enquiring about Mercury, we were accosted by the scary mamasan from Mandarin.  I thought she was taking a liberty considering we were still talking to the owner of Mercury at the time.  Big Mama was aggressively trying to get us into Mandarin and I was shocked to see her physically grab Stickman.  Knowing him well, I thought that it was not a wise move.  We skipped Mandarin and swiftly moved on.

Outside Fantasia Go-Go Bar, I spotted a doorman that I knew well.  It was old Samit who used to be the doorman at Hollywood Strip for many years.  He was famous for saying, “Take care your wife!”  I joked with Samit that nowadays he should say, “Take care of your gig!”  We continued on our way as we walked passed the lady boys sitting outside Temptations Go-Go Bar.  I saw Khun Ming, the owner of Rainbow 4 sitting outside and I presented a respectful “wai” as I briefly stopped to admire the Rainbow dolly birds.  I made my way back into Angelwitch and because Stickman had already visited Angelwitch, he made his way home.

Good News For Nana Plaza

The bars in Nana Plaza continue to remain open until at least 2:00am on a nightly basis.

Soi Cowboy — Little Las Vegas

SOI COWBOY - BANGKOKJust when we thought that Bangkok’s nightspots had reverted back to later closing hours, now Soi Cowboy is being closed early.  If you go to Soi Cowboy, you will need to be aware of the inconsistent closing times.  Currently Soi Cowboy is sporadically being closed anywhere between 1:00am-2:00am.  There are certainly no guarantees of 2:00am closing in Soi Cowboy at the moment.  In fact, right now it is more likely to be 1:00am-1:30am.  Let’s hope that Soi Cowboy can soon close again at 2:00am on a nightly basis.

One go-go bar in particular that is receiving “Rave Reviews” is Baccara.  This two-level go-go bar continues to draw large crowds on a nightly basis.  Baccara Go-Go Bar even does a brisk trade early on in the evening.  Even though many say that East is East and West is West, in Baccara it is a melting pot of Japanese and farang customers.      

Pattaya — Pleasure Playground

As I reported last week, X Zone Go-Go Bar has changed hands.  But, can the new owners keep the standards up?   This is one question that is go-going around in Pleasure Playground.  In recent months X Zone has risen in popularity.  Meanwhile, the former owner of X Zone plans to open another go-go bar in the not too distant future.

Packed House For The Soft Opening Of Mistys Go-Go Bar

The new Mistys Go-Go Bar hosted a very successful soft opening on May 9th.  Along with the new venue comes the new name Club Mistys.  There is a HUGE neon sign outside, which leads you into a very modern and stylishly designed go-go bar.  Club Mistys will host a Grand Opening quite soon.  I will let you know the details as soon as I find out.


The latest edition of After Dark Asia has finally hit Bangkok and Pattaya.  Yet again, there were more delays, but Volume 6 is on sale now.  Down in Pattaya After Dark Asia magazine is widely available from bookshops, go-go bars and newsstands.  Here in Bangkok you are most likely to pick a copy up from newsstands.  I think that After Dark Asia just keeps getting better and is very reasonably priced at 150 baht.  Unlike Penthouse or Play Boy magazines, you can meet and even date the models that are featured.  It is a great thrill when to discover that the centrefold model is somebody that you know… Just hope that she is not your wife!
Note The Quote — Bachelors

A bachelor never makes the same mistake once.  (Anon)

She was another one of his near Mrs.  (Alfred McFote)

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