Thailand Night Fever

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Some people have talked about Bangkok’s nightlife scene being in decline.  But, do these people realise the vast scope of Bangkok’s nightlife?  Many of us humans often tend to be creatures of habit.  Some of us tend to habitually frequent the same venues and rarely wander away from our favourite places.  Quite often, the only time I see my resident farang friends doing a whistle-stop tour of the Bangkok bar scene, is when their friends visit them.  There are thousands of nightlife venues in Bangkok.  The variety of nightlife includes multitudes of beer bars, go-go bars, discos, theme pubs, karaoke bars, coyote bars, live music venues, gentlemen’s clubs and highly sophisticated nightclubs.  The likes of Bed Supperclub, The Tunnel and Q Bar are among the very best in South East Asia.  There is plenty of action packed nightlife in the City Of Angels, but sometimes you just have to be more adventurous.  It comes as little surprise that the most popular venues remain busy all year round.  Perhaps consider going to an area that you rarely go to, or you have never seen before.  Like the old saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.”  When I joined the recent Stephen Hendry Roadshow in Bangkok, we probably visited more pubs in one week than many people do in a year.  Venture out there and party!   


The term “pub” is an abbreviation for public house, which originates from Britain.  I have learned from talking to a lot of local guys that some of them prefer to socialise in their favourite pub.  Being British myself, I know for a fact that many Brits feel more comfortable in their local pub.  Again, this is where the “creatures of habit” quote comes into play.  While some are not exactly “Slipper and pipe men,” they do prefer to sip their suds in their local boozer.  Rather than hit the go-go bars and nightclubs, they are happy to chat to their mates in a more familiar environment.  You may have noticed that I am one internet columnist who does talk about the pubs here.  For the purpose of credibility, I previously spent a total of 15 years working in pubs and clubs in England.  I am certainly no newcomer to the pub & club scene, both professionally and socially.


AFTER DARK ASIA THAILANDPub culture in Bangkok has really taken off over the past few years.  There are some fantastic venues that are far superior to the old “Dog & Duck” back in Farangland.  Due to the amount of competition, some pub owners really work at keeping their customers happy.  The better run pubs like Bully’s Pub will provide English language newspapers and magazines.  Ed, the hands-on owner of Bully’s Pub, ensures that their food and drinks are up to standard.  Ed is also insistent with his staff that the service is satisfactory.  Furthermore, we are waited on by some lovely Thai girls, who take care of our every whim.  Sometimes we tend to take this for granted.  Believe me, behind the scenes, Bully’s Pub has put a lot of time and effort into becoming one of Thailand’s most popular pubs.  I was in Bully’s Pub the other day and I tried the Bully’s burger.  It comes with decent sized fries and it was very tasty.  Testing out all these burgers seems great, but my waistline is expanding rapidly! 


BIG MANGO BAR BANGKOKThe Big Mango Bar has reopened its doors on Soi Nana.  Following the closure of the Big Mango in Nana Plaza last October, the new venue is bigger and better than before.  The lease landlord of the old Big Mango Bar in Nana Plaza, still sticks stubbornly to an extortionately high price.  Not surprisingly, nobody has been gullible enough to take on an expensive lease that does not have a go-go bar license.  After remaining empty for seven months, the Indian owner still thinks it is a good price.  Yeh right, dream on!

Meanwhile, the new Big Mango Bar got off to a flying start last night.  Michael, one of the co-owners told me that they were busy from the very moment they opened at 4:00pm.  To find the new Big Mango, take a stroll down Soi Nana to the 7 ELEVEN near the Rajah Hotel car park.  Opposite the road, you will see Jools Bar & Restaurant at the entrance to a small soi.  Walk a few yards down the tiny lane and you will see the Big Mango sign on the left-hand side.  Although some final touches need to be completed, the most important thing is that they are operational.  The soft opening went very well and the new Big Mango already shows signs of great potential.  Check it out!


Yesterday Stickman contacted me and asked if I wanted to meet him for a bite to eat.  WeBIM - X ZONE GO-GO BAR - PATTAYA arranged to meet at Bus Stop, before I have to start my duties in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar.  For those that are unsure, Bus Stop is located next to Hanrahan’s Irish Pub down in Soi Nana.  I like to visit Bus Stop, but I do miss the days when it was twice the size.  Due to the sale of part of the land, the Bus Stop was forced to rebuild at 50% of its original size.  Nevertheless, I am pleased to report that Bus Stop still offers food and drink at very reasonable prices.  Despite the higher cost of buying food, they have not raised their prices.  Even though I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a coke, I was surprised to received change from 200 Baht.  I am pleased to tell you that the quality of the food remains the same, along with the price. 

One Thai dish that I enjoy in Bus Stop is chicken with cashew nuts.  You receive a large portion of food that comes with a tangy sauce.  Again, it is tasty and inexpensive.  One thing I find with Bus Stop is to be very clear when ordering.  The girls are polite, but they are NOT trained waitresses.  Because they never carry a pen and paper, so they sometimes forget details.  It is best to give them a KISS.  NO, I don’t mean dive on top and snog them!  By KISS, I mean use the “Keep It Simple Stupid” method.


SOI COWBOY - BANGKOK - THAILANDTalking about food prices in Bangkok, the Aussie owned Down Under Sports Bistro is located near Soi Cowboy in Sukhumvit Soi 23.  I learned from Stickman Down Under will soon raise their prices for a second time in a row.  I have eaten in Down Under a few times.  I found both the food and the service satisfactory.  I returned again following the first price increase and still enjoyed it.  Recently, I ordered the Aussie beef pie.  The pie and the gravy were very delicious, but they serve those matchstick French fries.  Therefore, if the prices are to go up again, they will have to do better than matchstick fries!  I have to agree with Stickman, the initial price increase was acceptable.  But, a second increase in just a few weeks might not be.  Does this mean Down Under might become up and over?


Jersey Rich, the amiable owner of Jersey Pub will celebrate his birthday bash this Saturday, June 7th.  Jersey Pub is located on Soi 6 close to the Sukhumvit Soi 4 and Soi 6 junction.  The party kicks off at 7:00pm with FREE FOOD.  The feeding frenzy features Jersey Rich’s succulent roast pig and delicious chicken wings.  Rich said that his chicken wings are a particular favourite of former blogger Bangkok Bad Boy.  There will also be coyote dancers entertaining the guys for the evening.

ATTENTION!  Beer Lao fans can enjoy bottles of their favourite brew for ONLY 60 BAHT ALL NIGHT.  Cheers for the cheap beers!



Shakerz Coyote Club above Swan Bar on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 6 has been sold.  Now under new management, it has become a karaoke bar.  The former owner who still retains 50% is pleasantly surprised to see lots of Thai girls turning up to exercise their vocal cords.  Babe hunters might want to visit this new karaoke bar later on in the evening.



The old Farang Connection in Nana Plaza has become a restaurant.  The new owners of “Hungry Food & Drink” are busy putting their final touches to the new establishment.  Although only a small place “Hungry” is tastefully furbished.  The interior design is basic but stylish.  Thai cuisine will dominate the menu, but the owners hint that they will include some Western dishes.  Hungry is located on the middle level next to Cathouse Bar.  Hungry will open on Thursday, June 5th.  Enjoy!