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Ladies Night and the feelings right...

Ladies Night and the feelings right...

The Bull’s Head Pub has introduced a Ladies Night.  Starting this month, there will be a special evening dedicated to the fairer sex.  Ladies Night runs from 7:00pm-10:00pm every Thursday.  Be there or be square!



SOI COWBOY - BANGKOK - THAILANDYou might have to ask yourself a question.  Have you underestimated the resurgence of Soi Cowboy?  This especially applies to those folks who must be living in a state of suspended animation.  Nowadays, Soi Cowboy is very different from those dark and dreary yesterdays.  In fact, I refer to Soi Cowboy as “Little Las Vegas” due to the kaleidoscope of bright neon lights.  Quite simply, no other go-go bar area in Bangkok can match Soi Cowboy for appearance.  If you have not visited Cowboy Country in a while, you definitely should.  A few Soi Cowboy bar owners have really made a determined effort to improve the image of Soi Cowboy.  But, this is clearly not the case in Patpong and Nana Plaza.  In the past few years, Soi Cowboy has been given a serious facelift.

It certainly does not stop there, because several go-go bars have been renovated.  In some cases, the bar has received a complete remodel.  The exceptions to the rule stand out like an erection in a public sauna.  For example, compare the appearance of Tilac to Long Gun, or Bacarra to Raw Hide.  There’s a HUGE difference and this is the odd thing about Soi Cowboy.  When you compare the different standards of go-go bar interiors, it is an unusual mixture of ancient and modern.  Despite how odd this seems, it works.  



Some go-go bars in Soi Cowboy continue to do a brisk trade, even amid a very quiet low season.  Although tastes vary enormously, I think that Tilac Go-Go Bar is a serious contender for “Best Go-Go Bar In Soi Cowboy.”  In terms of dolly birds, Tilac boasts an abundance of the AAA Factor – Adorable, Affordable & Available.  Furthermore, in Tilac Go-Go Bar, the Q Factor is also very high — a Quantity of Quality.  This large open plan go-go bar is packed full with dolly birds at the weekends.  On Fridays and Saturdays, 10 HOT coyote dancers increase the Q Factor even more.  Hey guys, it can be an “analysis paralysis” trying to selection one!

DAVES RAVES — The 10 HOT coyote dancers in Tilac Go-Go Bar perform on Fridays and Saturdays.  The coyote cuties dance from 10:00pm until closing time.  Check ‘em out!   

Plasma Tronics Thailand

Another popular aspect about Tilac is the super saver Happy Hour.  Unlike many of the other go-go bars, there are go-go dancers on stage during the Happy Hour.  This makes a BIG difference.  Even after Happy Hour ends, the drinks are a very reasonable price.  Early in the evening, it is pleasant sitting outside Tilac Go-Go Bar.  You can comfortably sit and watch the world go by.  That is of course, if it is not raining.   On some occasions, I join Sanook Shaun for an Erdinger wheat beer, or two.  In addition, Lee reminds me that Sams 2000 (next to Tilac Bar); serve good Thai food at inexpensive prices.  Overhead fans keep you cool during the humid nights.  On a pleasant evening, this is a prime spot to eat, drink and relax in Soi Cowboy.  The entire goings on in Soi Cowboy passes before your very eyes… 


You should take note that lady drinks in Tilac Bar are only 100 baht.  By Bangkok’s standards nowadays, that is a very good price.  Whereas, a small string of go-go bars under the same ownership (Spice Girls, etc.), charge a hefty 200 baht per lady drink for their coyote dancers.  These 200-baht lady drinks make them the most expensive prices in Bangkok.  When asked to pay 200 baht instead of 100 baht for a lady drink, now that is a considerable difference.  As I said last week, most guys don’t worry about the odd few baht here and there.  However, start talking in hundreds of baht difference and that will raise many eyebrows.  I think Tilac Go-Go Bar comfortably qualifies for best value-for-money on lady drinks.  I have taken in consideration the talent on display. 



Some people guessed that it was destined to happen and it has.  Currently, there are some very unscrupulous Thai “officials” roaming around Bangkok’s bars.  Their intention is to seek out those who do not possess a license to play copyright music in public.  This special license (supposedly) applies to every public establishment, or public music event.  Remarkably, the spectrum varies from bars, to department stores, cinemas and even hospitals.  The costs vary considerably, but bars are usually charged around 5,000 baht.  In certain circumstances, there is a fee calculated on the size of the audience.

Go-Go Dancer Prays With Time CardRecently, two small bars on Sukhumvit, Soi 3 were raided and ordered to pay the 50,000-baht fine.  However, one farang bar owner stood his ground and the fine was reduced to around 30,000 baht.  Obviously, giving discounts on fines needs no imagination to guess where the money is going.  Cathouse Bar in Nana Plaza was also fined 50,000 baht this week.  Unfortunately, this is the negative aspect of Thailand’s nightlife rearing its ugly head.  From what I gather, we can do little about it.  I do urge bar owners to get the 1stopmusic licence as soon as possible.  Those with a valid license will avoid a hefty fine, and the inconvenience of having their music equipment confiscated.  Idiosyncratic Thailand is one country in the world that can say it even has music mafia!


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In the meantime, if you can’t be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!

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