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AFTER DARK ASIAOpening a successful go-go bar is a lot harder than it looks. Prior to establishing a successful go-go bar, there are inevitably some important factors to consider. Today, we will look at two of the most important aspects. Firstly, acquiring the right location is the first priority. The three L’s of marketing are; location, location, location. As long as you are in the heart of the action, people can find easily you. I always sigh with disappointment, when a go-go bar name card has a detailed map on the back. We don’t want to waste time doing a map orientation exercise! After establishing a prime location, probably the next consideration is the size and design. You might be surprised how many people overlook these things. I dare say some naïve newcomers think that they just have to open the doors and the customers will arrive in droves.  It is not that simple, as any go-go bar boss will tell you. Great care and consideration should be taken in deciding on the size of the go-go bar. If it is too tiny, you will never be driving around in a brand new Mercedes Benz in this lifetime! You just cannot generate enough profit to lead that kind of lifestyle. Besides that who enjoys being boxed in? Those poky places are only fun for those who like the hands-on approach. (Call me old fashioned, but I thought hanky-panky was for the privacy of the hotel room). I find that most Westerners like to have their own personal space. Lord forbid if anyone invades that personal space. Small bars usually make small profits.

Now on the other hand, if a go-go bar is too big without the right concept, it will always look empty. By looking empty, it will put people off visiting. Furthermore, creating a party atmosphere will require one of David Copperfield’s incredible illusions. A large, deserted go-go bar is most uninviting, I think you will agree. There are some exceptions to the rule, but they are in the vast minority. However, a few very popular BIG go-go bars do spring to mind — Angelwitch (Pattaya), Beach Club, Baccara, Rainbow 4 and Tilac. Incidentally, all of these go-go bars operate to a very successful formula. One other observation is that all five have their own style and format. They appear to be the “Fantastic Five” of the BIG go-go bars. I can’t think of any more – can you?


Yes, it does… Stop it! I wasn’t talking about your sex tools! In terms of the size of any go-go bar, it is important not to think too big, or too small. Instead, it is probably best to think happy medium. With the right management and concept, a medium sized pleasure palace can become a go-go bar for all seasons. A medium sized go-go bar does not look empty during the low season and yet, it is big enough to seat a decent crowd. There are actually too many examples of very good medium sized go-go bars to list here. I think that proves my point.



It looks like most bars in Bangkok and Pattaya will close this Thursday and some on Friday. I was talking to Gerry from Finnegan’s Irish Pub and he said that he has to close. Even though pubs serve food, they still cannot open. Now that’s a shame, because I was going to enjoy Finnegan’s Irish stew. Oh well, there’s always another day. Sorry, I digress… Therefore, I suggest that you plan to make Saturday your party night this week just in case. This is the biggest Buddhist holiday on the Thai calendar. Devout Buddhists will abstain from alcohol for the next 3 months. I somehow doubt that the Go-Go Guru will be joining them!



For most of the bars in Nana Plaza, it is a quiet July. Surprisingly, even Rainbow 4 has had some quiet nights. A bad low season always makes the larger go-go bars look and feel like an empty warehouse. (A timely reflection upon today’s opening piece). This especially applies to Rainbow 4, G-Spot and Hollywood Carousel. It’s hard to create an atmosphere, when you have so little to work with. Let’s hope that things pick up.


For those of you who do not know Miss Jo-Jo, she is the solo show starlet in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar. I am asked many times, “Is Jo-Jo here tonight?” It’s becoming a standing joke now. Jo-Jo’s attendance is so bad that she doesn’t clock in anymore. Instead, she just signs the visitor’s book. For the umpteenth time, yes Jo-Jo is still doing the solo go-go show in Angelwitch. But, only Lord knows when she will appear. Bless her little G-string! 


One of the more popular go-go bars in Nana Plaza is Pretty Lady. With a Happy Hour until 9:00pm, this is an ideal place to start your trek in the neon jungle. During Happy Hour, standard drinks are just 80 baht. After Happy Hour has finished standard drinks remain reasonable at 120 baht. Furthermore, Pretty Lady has taken on a bunch of go-go dancers, which has replenished their line-up. Apparently, the recent additions to Pretty Lady’s go-go stage are from Play Skool. I do not know the reason for the switch, but Pretty Lady fans will be pleased for sure. With the amount of attractive dolly birds, combined with the drink prices, Pretty Lady offers good value-for-money. I am pleased to say that Pretty Lady is bouncing back towards its former glory.


Soi 15 just off Walking Street now has a selection of good go-go bars to visite. There is an improvement on the line-up in the new Club Mistys. Reports are coming in that it is considerably better than the old Mistys. Beach Club is still regarded by many guys as the most popular table dance go-go bar. What’s Up is often mentioned by many guys who are out on a booze cruise. Despite a harsh low season, Angelwitch continue to draw large crowds nightly. Still in Soi 15, Tricky Ricky is working at keeping the guys happy in Baby Dolls. Just a few years ago there was next to nothing in Soi 15. Nowadays, Soi 15 is a real coming of age.



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