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Recently I have visited Finnegan’s Irish Pub down in Soi Nana. This past week Finnegan’s has done a brisk trade, while other pubs in the vicinity remain quiet. Admittedly, it is a small pub, but they have built up a good crowd of regulars. Although Finnegan’s attracts a healthy following, I think it is underrated in some ways. The excellent food alone should be a BIG draw. Check out the excellent menu, I think you will be impressed. Please say hello to Gerry, the friendly Irish owner. Cheers!

There is no change about the early closing in Nana Plaza. However, we have heard from the bamboo bugle that 2:00am will be reinstated at some time in the near future. Hopefully it will be this month. The high profile Lumpini District continues to be placed under the microscope. 



Have you noticed how so many people on Thailand nightlife chat boards rant and rage? They feel they have to provoke people to attract attention. This behaviour is very sad I think. It’s obvious that they are not at all content with their life. Therefore, it becomes extremely tedious visiting these websites. It is true that any nightlife reporter must have an opinion, but this must be within reason. Most of the time, you don’t have a clue who the person is anyway. Why bother to be drawn into an argument with the invisible man? Some guys give each other absolute hell and yet, they will most probably never ever meet face-to-face. But, thank goodness for that! 

The forum term “flaming” is to start an argument by insulting another board member. So, how do we deal with these flamethrowers? Well, here is my theory… A professional sportsman ignores the jeers and insults from opposition spectators. After all, they are merely spectators. Instead, he concentrates his energy on being the gallant gladiator in the arena. The true professional learns to absorb and adapt. The gladiator must remember that he is one in the arena. My advice is to ignore the keyboard warriors! Although some Thailand forums have moderators, the competently moderated forums tend to be rare. The same theory also applies to blogs and columnists.         

Sometimes, guys ask me what Thailand nightlife chat boards I would recommend. I hardly ever post on any chat boards these days, but my favourite is Pattaya Secrets. There are some real characters like Soi7, Slapman and Sexy Beast. Even the enigmatic Stickman is a member. Check it out!


Even considering it’s a harsh low season, Angelwitch in Soi 15 continues to attract large audiences at Showtime. Co-owner Khun Pim has recently added even more shows to the repertoire. With high-tech design features by the other co-owner Matt, the audience can experience a three-dimensional viewpoint. It is said that Angelwitch is unquestionably, the most spectacular go-go bar venue in the whole of Asia. I think that fact is very hard to contest.

Interestingly, a percentage of the audience is made up of women. Renowned for its classy, choreographed shows “Pattaya Palladium” is the venue to take your wife, or girlfriend. Furthermore, Angelwitch is also one go-go bar that is farang female friendly. So, come on girls… Don’t be shy give it a try!


Still in Soi 15, the naughty nubiles in What’s Up are definitely wet ‘n’ wild. They are proving that their “bash and splash’ or “whip and dip” policy is paying off.   

Soi 15 just off Walking Street is an increasingly illustrious go-go bar area. There are some very popular go-go bars inside and some of them are very BIG. Beach Club, Angelwitch and Club Mistys are three of the biggest go-go bars in the whole of Pattaya. This little lane is very different today, compared to when I strolled through it in the 1980s. In those days, Soi 15 was infamous for guys who are very light on their toes!


A group of Thai thugs recently attacked Ken, the owner of Living Dolls Showcase on Walking Street. This is yet another reminder of how dangerous Pattaya can be. It never ceases to bewilder me that the Thais try to promote Pattaya as a family destination. The mind boggles!

There are conflicting views to this story, but here is Ken’s version of the incident. Permission was granted by Ken to publish this…

“As I was going to get my car in the early hours of last Tuesday morning, I was attacked by three young Thai guys. They hit me over the head with a rock. In trying to defend myself, my arm got hit by another rock one of these guys was to use on me. Although dripping with blood from my head, I took off after them to retaliate and chased them for 20 minutes on foot. Considering they were half my age, they finally were able to out run me. There is no doubt in my mind that these guys were paid by someone to do this. My injuries were not that serious and I was back at work in Living Dolls Showcase the next night. And contrary to what some misinformed internet authors have written, I have no plans to leave Thailand.”

Apparently, Ken has gone only holiday to the UK and not fled like the former Thai PM. The important thing is that Ken was not badly hurt and he is back in action. However, do not feel too sorry for Ken, because I’m sure he made the most of getting plenty of sympathy from his girls!


Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar in Soi 15 will host the Pattaya Addicts Summer Party. All addicts of Pattaya are most welcome. The party will be this Sunday, August 17th and it starts at 8:00pm. The master of ceremonies is Tricky Ricky, who guarantees fun, food and frolics. The food is FREE, so don’t miss the feeding frenzy! The line-up includes some NEW Baby Dolls. Enjoy!  



Currently, I am busy preparing for the annual “RC” or Reality Check. Next week I will be flying to England to visit my family, and deal with some financial matters. Wish me good luck upon landing in London, which I call the Land Of No Smiles!


I haven’t spoken to my mother-in-law for over a year. I don’t like to interrupt her!

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