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Nana Plaza was suffering early closing due to police politics, but there is good news. Nana Plaza is open until at least 2:00am every night. Hooray!


Hi Guys, this week I continue talking about one of my favourite pubs in Bangkok…

Finnegan’s Pub is located opposite Rajah Hotel car park, just down past The Tavern in Soi Nana. This popular oasis is both Irish and Thai ran. Therefore, visitors can enjoy the best of both worlds, with a unique mixture of “Thairish” hospitality. The slightly unusual thing for an Irish Pub is that Finnegan’s is immaculately clean and tidy. This is where Thai presentation skills come into play. Finnegan’s has two levels and if you don’t fancy eating among the drinkers, there is a dining area upstairs. The girls are farang friendly, and the service is very efficient by Thai standards. In some establishments, guys have been known to grow beards whilst waiting for their order! This is not the case in Finnegan’s, because Gerry has his eye on the ball… As luck would have it, a gorgeous beer promo girl served me a pint of John Smith’s Bitter. With a John Smith’s in one hand and a dolly bird in the other, it was literally a bittersweet experience!   

AFTER DARK ASIA VOLUME 7And then, there is the menu… I can confidently say the food in Finnegan’s is authentic. The Irish beef stew remains one of my all-time favourites. It’s loaded with tasty chunks of tender beef and vegetables. Anyone who lives in Thailand will know that it is not easy to get quality beef. If you were not aware, the beef here tends to be rather bland, fatty and chewy. (But, they do try bless ‘em!). Accompanied with an extra side portion of seasonal vegetables and bread, this is a man’s meal. Sometimes, the Irish beef stew is on the specials board for a very reasonable 220 baht. If you are questioning how reasonable it is, then just wait until you get a taste!

Darrel, who was formerly Finnegan’s Quiz Master, swears by the roast dinners. Richard (another regular), thoroughly enjoys the mixed grill. Other loyal followers say that Gerry has one of the very best British breakfasts in Bangkok. The breakfast is so authentic that it includes both black and white pudding. If you do not want such a heavy meal, then I suggest you try Finnegan’s cooked ham sandwich. This succulent sandwich goes down well with Gerry’s specially cooled Guinness. If you decide to visit Finnegan’s, please say hello to Gerry from Dave The Rave.

Several Irish lads told me Finnegan’s is the only pub that shows Irish hurling and Gaelic football. It certainly has a relaxing atmosphere and this is the charm of Finnegan’s. You can leave all your worries behind and unwind. Forget the Irish theme pubs; Finnegan’s is the real deal.  



One evening last week, a friend and I visited Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar. Even though it was still early, a crowd was beginning to build. Similar to other guys, Rainbow 1 has remained one of my favourite go-go bars for many years. Even considering how tough this low season is, Rainbow 1 still maintains a high level of the Q Factor — a quantity of quality. I can even forgive the DJs choice of techno music, because the talent level is so high. Although Rainbow 1 sticks rigidly to the black bikini format, the eye candy is awesome!

Was I imagining it, or was there a distinct lack of Japanese customers? Perhaps the recently enforced “NO SMOKING” law was something to do with it. Some Rainbow 1 girls told me that they have lost some of their Japanese customers to Baccara Bar in Soi Cowboy. With both showing and smoking permitted upstairs in Baccara, this does sound most probable. So guys, this indicates that Rainbow 1 has less Japanese customers with more go-go girls available for you. And don’t forget, you can enjoy all this in a smoke-free environment. This has to be good news for us farang guys!


While my friend had a cigarette outside Rainbow 1, he asked me where I wanted to go next. I told him that I wanted to have a quick look at the recently remodelled Voodoo Go-Go Bar. We both peered into an empty Voodoo, but decided that we should at least have a look. A large square pit sits in the middle of the go-go bar. Meanwhile, a very average line-up of go-go girls danced around the pit. Although the girls are friendly, I have to say that Voodoo are seriously lacking in both numbers and talent. The pit is filled with water that has a temperature control to keep it warm. On top of the water, there are coloured balloons to cover the surface. Running right across the pit is a large beam, which is padded with black material.

Showtime commences at 10:00pm and the main event is bargirl boxing. The girls wear boxing gloves and head guards and then, they proceed to knock each other off the beam. Bargirl boxing is not what I want to see, but it might appeal to some people. 

Apparently, the statement by the Crown Group that mud wrestling will be the main feature is not correct. I think that is a shame, because I feel mud wrestling would be more appealing than bargirl boxing would.

We both wanted to leave Voodoo quickly, but we tried not to appear as though we were exiting a burning building! We managed to slip out and walked into Pretty Lady next door. Inside Pretty Lady, it was much more alive than Voodoo, as cheerful smiles greeted us from the go-go stage. We sat ringside and noticed two very attractive go-go girls. They were not only attractive, but they were very sexy dancers too. This is a BIG bonus in the era of the “Skytrain shuffle.” Keen dolly bird watchers should look out for Pretty Ladies #55 and #89. An appropriate song for these two babes would be “Hot Stuff.”


The new sign above the entrance to Walking Street has been a long time in the making. Finally, the new sign is up, but it is not working properly. Stickman had this to say, “Pattaya’s new Walking Street sign was said to be operational but frankly it is a huge disappointment.  The old sign was a landmark, but this new monstrosity can only be described as an eyesore.” Well guys, ole Stickman certainly didn’t mince his words!

(Acknowledgement – The photo of the new Walking Street sign is published courtesy of Stickman).          


Secrets Nightclub on Soi 14 in Pattaya, will host their 2nd Anniversary Party on September 1st. The celebrations will go on from dusk until dawn. I will remind you again closer to the date.


The legendary Lam Morrison will celebrate his 65th birthday in the Blues Factory on Walking Street. There will be a free feeding frenzy in the form of a blues buffet, and the Blues Machine will entertain you from 10:00pm. The party is August 20th, so that means tonight guys. So, you Pattaya party animals had better get your skates on!



By the time you read this, I will be making my final arrangements to fly to England. The annual “Reality Check” feels overdue and I need to get out of Thailand. Now that may sound strange coming from a farang living in the Land Of Sanuk, but it is true. However, in saying that I will probably be missing Thailand after the first few days.

FLYING TO FARANGLANDWhy do I feel the need to escape? Well guys, there are several reasons. Being the Go-Go Guru is not as heavenly as it may appear. The sheer intensity of the neon jungle can take its toll… The permanent night shifts, the constant noise, the gangs of drunks, the tiredness from insomnia, the volumes of alcohol, battling with Thai politics, and the general headaches that go with running a go-go bar. Both the brain and the body need recuperation. A whole year has passed by without more than one or two nights off at a time. Don’t think that running a busy go-go bar is paradise. At times, it can be a very intense and challenging job. But, in all fairness, that’s what I am paid for. Admittedly, I feel jaded now, but let’s see how I feel after spending some time in Farangland. Sometimes we have to do the right thing and that might not always be what we would like to do. Some things have to be done for the wellbeing of our mental and physical health. I’m sure that there will be nothing more sobering than spending time in the “Dog & Duck” back in rural England. For those of you who have to spend most of the year in the Land Of No Smiles, I will feel your pain!


The Nana Plaza Review Page is updated.

Don’t worry guys; I will continue to update the website while I am in England. Cheers! 

After Dark Asia Volume 7 will be on sale in Bangkok and Pattaya early next week. 


My mate’s farang wife is so BIG that he goes hang gliding with her knickers… She is so fat that when she sits on his face, he can’t hear his music system on full blast!

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