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Last week I mentioned an increase in bar trade in Bangkok and Pattaya. But, I deliberately did not state exactly how much of an increase. It would be wrong to state that everywhere is doing a brisk trade. But then again, it would also be incorrect to assume that everywhere is dead. Generally, the most popular bars always keep their heads well above water, whereas the unpopular bars always struggle. For example, if you walk into two bars and they are both quiet, you could be misled into thinking that the whole vicinity is dead. You might possibly be right. But, what if those particular bars are always dead? OOPS! You have wrongly assessed that area, especially if other bars are doing a brisk trade. Therefore, creating an accurate picture is never that simple. As a former social worker, I was instructed not to assume. This “ass-u-me” translates as, “Never make an ass of you or me.” If every bar in a particular area is quiet, then there is the answer…

Sometimes you get nightlife reporters who make sweeping generalisations after only a brief assessment. This was my biggest criticism of a journalist who wrote a nightlife column for a national newspaper. The person in question would rarely spend more than a couple of minutes peering into each go-go bar. Furthermore, he refused to enter the bar and have a drink. You can never get a first hand experience this way. His reports were usually done via email, whereas most of my reports are done face to face. 

Whilst doing nightlife reports, you have to bear in mind certain facts. Is it high, or low season? Was it raining heavily that night? Were the police checking the bars that evening? Was the bar unusually low on girls? Etc. When I write about my Nightseeing Tours, I pay attention to detail in order to present an accurate picture. I dislike reports like, “X Bar sucks!” Apart from being offensive, this does not explain why X Bar is so bad. It’s a rant not a report. The problem with the internet is that it is inundated with backseat drivers and armchair experts. As Sanook Shaun constantly reminds me, “You are in the arena every day Dave, the others are merely spectators.” This leads me to coin a phrase, “Outsiders play the game, but insiders know the score.”

These are the reasons why I devised what I call the bar-ometer. The bar-ometer makes a more accurate assessment of the situation. This is how it works… If the less frequented bars start filling up, then this is a clear indication of a flood of visitors. Down in Pattaya, it might be due to the US Navy arriving. During the high season, a group of tourists could quite easily walk into a certain bar, mistaking it for somewhere else. It never ceases to amaze me that a guy can have the best time of his life and yet, he can’t remember the name, or location of the bar. In this instance, a normally quiet bar can become busy, albeit momentarily. Likewise, if the popular bars become quieter, then we know there is a decline in trade overall in that area. This is the method in which, the top level and bottom level bars help to assess the overall picture. When the quiet bars become busy, or the busy bars become quiet, you can see what is happening. Always bear in mind, unlike some people the bar-ometer doesn’t lie! 



Once again, there are more government elections in Bangkok. However, it is not likely to disrupt the party too much. On Saturday, October 4th, the bars in Bangkok are OPEN. However, the authorities have instructed bar bosses not to serve alcohol. But you know, there is always a bar that will serve booze. Therefore, I suggest that you make your main night out this Friday.  


As I stood surveying the scene, I couldn’t help but notice that there is some serious building work going on in Nana Plaza. The previously vacant unit on the middle level (formerly Big Mango Bar) will become Hollywood Hotel. The opening is set for November, although no actual date has been suggested at this stage. The new project is under the auspices of Czech Peter who owns Hollywood Carousel and Hollywood Strip. Some people will be surprised to learn that the tall building has four levels. Peter looks like he means business and all four levels are being renovated. The interior is being constructed into bonking booths, or short time rooms, as they are more widely known. Apparently, there will be long and short time rooms available. Do you fancy sleeping there? I can picture it now… “I just cannot sleep, there is too much banging going on!” 


The renovation work outside Pretty Lady and Red Lips on the ground level is coming along well. Red Lips now has a large sign erected above the entrance. An interesting new feature is the windows inside Red Lips; this will allow you to peer into Pretty Lady Go-Go Bar.


The killjoys are at it again! Apparently, Nana Plaza will become a car park for Landmark Hotel. This rumour has been floating around for over 20 years. Despite the rumours flying around about Nana Plaza, all units remain occupied. It’s business as usual in the neon jungle. In addition, there is at least 5-6 years left on the 30-year lease. When we reach the end of the 30-year lease, then it will be time to see what happens. So far, no decision has been made to change anything. This was an official statement from Khun Rakesh of Nana Castle Company Limited. Until then, 5-6 years is a long time in Thailand. Ignore the rumours and party on people!


Although it is only tiny, it is worth visiting Rainbow 3 Go-Go Bar. The line-up has improved recently and the go-go girls are farang friendly. So far, there has not been the usual Asian invasion by overgenerous Japanese customers. Make the most of it, before it possibly becomes another Jap Trap!

Rainbow 1 on the ground level has an impressive line-up. Although it is labelled as a Jap Trap by some people, you just have to assess which go-go dancers are farang friendly. Although there are some very professional attitudes among the go-go girls, there is no denying that Rainbow 1 is a delightful den of dancing dolls. Likewise, the same theory applies to Rainbow 4, which incidentally does attract a lot of farang visitors. In my opinion, the toughest nut to crack is Rainbow 2. This place is definitely Tiny Tokyo!

Erotica are proving their namesake with some sexy, young dolly birds among their line-up. One young go-go dancer is busting out all over the place! Although, the top level in Erotica is not used, a few of the go-go dancers downstairs are very appealing to the eye. One word of warning, remember to watch the lady drinks, because you could be stung for 220 baht. OUCH! That’s enough to have some frugal folks in tears. My Lord, the Cheap Charlie Clan will need counselling!

Did you know? While it is a quiet go-go bar for the best part, Spankys offer Chang Draught Beer for only 70 baht all night. If you don’t mind Chang Beer, this is a good price for a go-go bar. Spankys has a large TV screen that shows live sports, which includes live English Premier League football matches. Although it has one of the most modern designs, the music leaves a lot to be desired. If you like your own space, this is the place!

Directly next door to Spankys is Angelwitch, the ultimate show ‘n’ go-go. Currently Angelwitch has 60 go-go dancers and 10 showgirls. There are some lovely ‘n’ lively young dolly birds among the replenished line-up. Showtime starts just after 10:00pm and continues for 3 hours. The repertoire consists of 20-25 shows per night. If you have not visited Angelwitch in a while, there is definitely more to see.  

Mercury Go-Go Bar has a reputation for farm fresh go-go dancers. They are also farang friendly, which is an added bonus. If you were not aware, Mercury has relocated next to Mandarin Table Dance. Check out the chicks!

Trade has noticeably increased for Cathouse Bar. With the introduction of some chrome poles, there are some unplanned parties springing up. The friendly owner Willem said, “We are seeing a complete turn around, I am very pleased.” If you are a draught beer drinker, you will love this super saver… 2-4-1 on all draught beers for just 99 baht. Cheers for the cheap beers!


The popular go-go bars in the Walking Street area are seeing an increase in trade. Despite heavy rainfall the popular pleasure palaces are doing well. With such a high level of competition, bar bosses are working hard to hire the hottest babes and provide the hottest entertainment. This is great news for the Pattaya party people!

Tricky Ricky will be celebrating his monumental 60th birthday on Sunday, October 12th. Ricky’s a brave man for admitting his age and Baby Dolls Go-Go Bar (Soi 15 Walking Street), will throw a party in his honour… Or should that be dishonour? There will be a FREE FEEDING FRENZY at 8:00pm sharp. Try to beat the balloon chasers to the free grub! The fun and frolics will include Ricky’s popular party games. Audience participation is encouraged. With the reputation that Baby Dolls has, I suggest that you don’t take your mother along!

Next week I will include some nightlife news from Soi Cowboy and Pattaya.

In the meantime, if you can’t be good be careful…

And if you can’t be careful, buy a pram!

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