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Tiger Beer In ThailandHi Guys, I hope you are all enjoying life.  Well, I survived the dreaded flu and I have since recovered.  This week I observed that although the rain has stopped here in Bangkok, the temperature is still variable.  A couple of days this week have been very HOT which always confuses our bodies.  However, the nights remain pleasantly cool and dry.  Well, that is cool for us Westerners; meanwhile the Thais are suffering from their harsh “winter.”  Fully equipped with winter coat and hat, I thought one of my Thai friends was going out to shovel snow.  Bless them, they think it is really freezing!

Not sure if you feel the same way I do, but I cannot believe that we are coming to the end of another year.  Time flies!  I am not sure where the year has gone, but it will soon be Christmas.  There is a good selection of venues to enjoy a festive feast.  My advice would be to avoid the top hotels unless you take your credit cards.  So, where can you enjoy a good Christmas meal in Bangkok at a reasonable price?     

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The Roadhouse BBQ in Silom offer a Christmas Dinner for Baht 850++

For reservations at Roadhouse BBQ call – 02-236-8010

Bourbon Street in Washington Square, Sukhumvit, Soi 22 offer an ALL YOU CAN EAT XMAS BUFFET for ONLY Baht 750++

For reservations at Bourbon Street call – 02-259-0328/9


Big Erection Election is coming up!  The forthcoming government election is being taken very seriously and every Thai has been given the opportunity to vote.  I just wanted to warn you, because the bars in Bangkok have been ordered to close on December 14th and 15th.  Sorry to say this is a blow, because it falls on a Friday and a Saturday.  The reason for these bar closures is so that every Thai can vote in Bangkok.  Therefore, villagers from outside of the capital do not have to travel home to distant provinces.  I guess that sort of makes sense in an idiosyncratic Thai way.

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Although farangs have nothing to do with the elections, we are caught up in Thailand’s political turmoil.  The draconian Thai way of enforcing bar closures, does not make sense to foreigners who just want to socialise and enjoy themselves.  As with many issues here in Bangkok, this is not confirmed 100% but it is most likely that it will be enforced.  I will be monitoring the situation closely and I will let you know of any sudden changes.  Just to emphasise, these bar closures only apply to Bangkok.  Furthermore, I suggest that this is the perfect opportunity to head out of Bangkok this Friday for the weekend.         


In a country like Thailand, you expect to see boy racers on motorbikes.  Sure enough, there are plenty of daredevil riders whizzing around the roads and sois.  In some extreme cases, they are riding along the sidewalks too!  I had to chuckle the other day when I spotted a boy racer at a set of traffic lights.  While the lights were on red, he was revving up his 250cc engine, as smoke poured out the tail pipe… You know the type!  The funny thing is that boy racer was a middle-aged farang.  We can forgive the young Thais, but a middle-aged Westerner should know better.  I am sure he did not realise how silly he looked.  When the lights changed to green, he revved her up even more and pulled away rather slowly.  Smoke was going in all directions and he was quite clearly thrashing the poor engine to death.  What is the point of all of that?

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Phuket is known as the “Pearl Of the South” and is quite simply Thailand’s premier tourist resort.  Phuket is teeming with visitors.  Business is booming and therefore advanced hotel booking is essential.  Prices are higher than elsewhere in Thailand, but it is a top class resort.  Phuket attracts such a mixture of visitors — backpackers, couples, families, groups, and many Asians too.  It is a tourist melting pot.

There have been some drastic changes in Rock Hard Go-Go Bar.  Located in the heart of the action on Soi Bangla on Patong Beach, Rock Hard has recently been renovated.  Furthermore, Rock Hard Go-Go Bar’s manager Jeff is no longer part of the team.  Jeff was a loyal manager to Rock Hard for 13 years, but he was recently told that his services are no longer required.  Rock Hard Bar’s co-owner Larry is also not in Thailand — currently Rock Hard is being run by his Thai partner.  It will be interesting to see what happens without both Larry and Jeff at the helm.

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Right next door to Rock Hard is Chicago Bar.  Chicago is run by the well-established and very efficient Dutch woman Jose.  Chicago Bar has two pool tables, about 20 girls, a good selection of music, which is contained amid a pleasant atmosphere.  There are plenty of electric ceiling fans to keep you cool.  If you are peckish, quality Italian food is available at reasonable prices.  Currently Jeff, the former Rock Hard manager, has taken over the running of the Italian restaurant that is located above Chicago Bar.

For somewhere a bit different you might want to try Big Joe A-Go-Go.  Located in Soi Eric, some of the go-go dancers here are rather different to your usual pole performers. 

HOT SPOT – The most popular late night venues are Tai Pan Disco and Safari Disco.  Tai Pan Disco is located at the end of Soi Bangla and gets very busy from 3:00am onwards.  Tai Pan has a large concentration of freelancers.  Safari Disco is located near Meridian Hotel and is very busy between 3:00am and 6:00am.  Safari Disco is owned by a very influential local man and therefore 6:00am closing is the norm.  You will be pleased to know that Soi Bangla is a walking street after 6:00pm every night.


Soi Cowboy - Bangkok - ThailandThe legendary Soi Cowboy is an exciting lane, which contains two rows of bars that run parallel from end to end.  The abundance of bright neon is the reason that I refer to it as “Little Las Vegas.”  Recently I visited Soi Cowboy with a friend and I was pleased that I did.  The spectacular array of bright and cheerful neon signs, is a refreshing change to Nana Plaza and Patpong.  It is the most impressive neon show out of the three go-go bar areas by far.  Down in Cowboy Country there has been a lot going on…

A number of bar owners have taken it upon themselves to create a new image for Soi Cowboy.  And, in all due respect I think they have done a terrific job.  The No Name Group in particular, has remodelled several bars into very modern establishments.  For those of you that remember the old Shadow Bar, you know it was never glamorous to say the very least.  When you  look at Shadow Bar now, you might not recognise it at first, unless you know Soi Cowboy very well.  I have to admit, I had to stop and look twice myself.  The new Shadow Bar looks terrific with an innovative interior and an open frontage.  The new concept has transformed it into Shadow Sports Bar, which now has several TV screens dotted around this easy-on-the-eye establishment.

Shadow Bar is a great location as an “OP” or observation post.  Watch the world go by, also observe a lot of dolly birds go by, while you enjoy a refreshing beverage.  If you are feeling hungry, meals can be ordered from the Old Dutch Restaurant and delivered to you.  The No Name Group also owns the Old Dutch.  PJ is there to maintain food quality and service standards.  Just ask the Shadow Bar staff for the Old Dutch menu.

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The most dramatic interior design transformation in Soi Cowboy is the recent completion of the new look Tilac Bar.  It is nothing short of spectacular inside with an almost futuristic design.  It definitely has that “All Things Bright And Beautiful” appeal to it.  Exceptionally good use of ultraviolet lighting.  Top marks for the impressive remodel!  Tilac Bar are adopting the Pretty Lady style of tabletop show.  Flimsy mini skirts accompany forgetful dressers, if you get my drift.  If Tilac Bar can strengthen their line-up a bit, they really will be going in the right direction.      


One very positive thing about Soi Cowboy is that a number of bars, open their doors earlier than both Nana Plaza and Patpong.  Combined with the Happy Hours on offer, it makes Soi Cowboy an appealing choice to commence a night on the town.  Some Soi Cowboy go-go bars have Happy Hours that are as cheap as 60 Baht for house drinks.  Long Gun and Raw Hide both had go-go dancers on stage before 7:00pm.  Most of the smaller bars are open in the afternoon, which is ideal for those who want an early start.  From 7:00pm, the go-go girls in Long Gun dance in mono-bikinis.  At 8:00pm, the mono becomes zero! 

San Miguel Beer In ThailandFairly recently Baccara Go-Go Bar also completed a remodel, which was more of an extension job.  The improved Baccara continues to draw crowds on a nightly basis.  The only drawback is that they tend to cater for a Japanese market.  This means that prices have risen and some of the bargirls in Baccara have a preference to accommodate Japanese customers.  That aside Baccara is looking impressive on the top level.  I still think that downstairs in Baccara is not particularly impressive, but the Japanese like the vertical view.  The Japanese in particular have an obsessive up skirt fetish.  Baccara has become a Jap Trap downstairs and the chain smokers certainly put me off.  I much prefer to go upstairs, it is usually much less crowded and you can see the school uniform teen dolls in action.  Those of you who prefer gals who are more petite should check it out.


This Friday, December 14th at the Roadhouse BBQ (Silom) “The Tonic Rays” live band will launch their new album.  The concert starts at 10:30pm and it is FREE ADMISSION.  Check it out!


Union Hill and Phet are known to some of you for their Stickman’s Readers Submissions fame.   In fact, Union Hill had a few Union Hill baseball caps made.  Much to our surprise, one farang actually bought one!  Does he realise that there is professional help available for the poor man.  

A while ago Union Hill persuaded Phet to go along to a karaoke bar.  Phet said, “I’m the only farang who will go with him.”  Phet said that the bargirls were begging for drinks.  Not normally a supporter of such behaviour, Phet thought it was justified when Union Hill starting singing.  The Whaling Welshman belted out all kinds of tunes, including top hits by the Welsh Wizard Tom Jones.  A gallant effort by Union Hill, but Tom Jones he is certainly not.  No wonder the bargirls were begging for drinks!

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In the meantime, if you cannot be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!