Thailand Nightlife Newsflash

DRY DAYS – Thai authorities have ordered beer bars, go-go bars, discos and nightclubs to close in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket on Monday 26/07/2010 and on Tuesday 27/07/2010.  This is due to Buddhist Holidays, which are incidentally two of the most revered Buddha Days on the Thai calendar.  I remember the fiasco last year, when the bars in Nana Plaza tried to open and then, were promptly closed down an hour later.  This really annoyed a lot of bar girls who had paid for taxis, plus paid to have their hair and make-up done.  This time around the MIB or ‘Men In Brown’ have told everybody in advance.

POLICE PAPERS – Thai Police issued official papers to the bars, go-go bars and nightclubs in Bangkok on Saturday.  Rather than a request, they stated that girly bars and nightclubs must close.  However, hotels, restaurants and pubs, can open due to having a food and beverage license.  Therefore, your best booze options are to go to a hotel, restaurant, or pub. 

DATE MATE – I always feel a bit sorry for tourists who are only in Thailand for a fortnight or so.  However, there is so much to do and see, especially in Bangkok.  Why don’t they do something else?  Go shopping, go sightseeing, go to watch a movie, catch up on some reading, eat at a top class restaurant, relax on the beach, spend some quality time with your partner, or date mate, etc.  Furthermore, the days fall right this year, because it didn’t spoil your weekend.  

NEWSFLASH – Bangkok Bomb Blast Kills 1 And Injures 10