Thailand Tonight – 03/06/2010



I recall the ancient Chinese curse, ‘May you live in interesting times.’  Well, it has certainly been interesting times, if not downright frightening times in parts of Bangkok recently. Some people have short memories and think Thailand is starting afresh.  This might be true to some degree, but it could be a case of ‘End Of Episode One – To Be Continued!’  For all concerned, let’s hope this theory is wrong.  The violence and the curfew may have ended, but a recovery period is definitely needed.  There are those who believe that Bangkok will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, whereas others remain more sceptical.  It is a fact that many businesses in Bangkok remain shell shocked from the worst civil violence in modern day Thailand.  It is not only very quiet around Bangkok, but the beach resorts that were busy are slowing right down.  If you are seeking a more secluded holiday on an idyllic tropical island, then right now is the time to visit Thailand.   

RED ALERT – It certainly raised many eyebrows, when the reds came marching into Bangkok.  The red rally turned very nasty and became the red riots.  Death and destruction ensued.  During the aftermath, Bangkok has to pick up the pieces and endeavour to resume its day-to-day lifestyle and business.  This is not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  In terms of investment and tourism, I fear the damage is done for most of 2010.  Even die-hard long-term expats are saying, ‘I thought I had seen it all but obviously not.’  During the red riots, over 80 people were killed and over 1,000 were injured.  A Thai Army Major-General ‘Seh Daeng’ (Red Commander), was shot by a sniper during a TV interview.  Arson attacks engulfed parts of the city and Central World Shopping Mall was destroyed.  If you were shocked by this, then welcome to third world politics!

The news coverage about the red riots was headline news around the world.  Therefore, unless you are living in ‘The Land That Time Forgot’, there is no need for me to cover this any further.  As tragic as it was what’s done is done.  You may well be asking, so where do we go from here?  Good question.  It is good news that the travel warnings to Thailand have been lifted, although this has not been covered thoroughly enough by the Western media.  They are quick to report all the blood and guts, but then they are slow to follow up, when all is peaceful.  America has just announced on 03/06/2010 that the travel warning to Thailand has been lifted.  The violence ended last month and yet, the travel warnings are announced late in June.  CNN in particular received a lot of criticism for what was seen as very biased and inaccurate reportage of the anti-government protests.  I dare say CNN journalist Dan Rivers is already onto his next inaccurate and sensationalized news story!  It is no wonder that Stickman’s Guide To Bangkok and Dave The Rave’s website, both recorded double web traffic during the height of Thailand’s troubles.  You know we are in the arena every day and I thought Stickman’s reportage of the anti-government protests was accurate, informative and objective.  I think it is a great injustice, when giant media corporations such as CNN can’t do the same.  OK, I have had my say and I’m now stepping down off my soapbox!  


The timing of Thailand’s political crisis has clashed with a serious economic downturn, an extremely strong Thai Baht, the low season blues, plus the start of the rainy season.  These are all significant factors that will conspire to create problems in Thailand for at least the next five to six months.  June is often the worst month of the whole year and Pattaya will see a considerable drop in tourist revenue.  Pattaya was riding high on the crest of a wave but alas, it was for a short period.  Throughout May those arriving and in Bangkok, were heading straight to Pattaya, or other beach resorts such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Samet and Hua Hin.  This can only be described as the great escape and it made sense at the time.  This perhaps gave some Pattaya people a false sense of security in terms of tourist trade.  It was very short-lived and now Pattaya has reached a high point on the rollercoaster.  It is going to be a steep drop, which incidentally has already started.  How much torrential rainfall will Pattaya receive this monsoon season?  For the majority of the monsoon season last year, Pattaya was quite dry until the last few weeks.  Couples and families don’t want to be at a seaside resort, when it is hammering it down with rain.  However, there is a positive side to the situation.  The boy-to-girl ratio is increasingly in the favour of the lads during the low season.  In addition, there will not be the crowds to deal with.  This means no jostling for space and significantly less competition for you babe hunters.  Throughout the low season, whilst seeking a Thai takeaway for the night, there are some terrific deals on cash ‘n’ carry! 


During the low season the Cheap Charlie Clan emerge from hibernation, but this definitely doesn’t create excitement for the bar bosses!  I remember a Pattaya bar boss telling me about the liberties Cheap Charlies will take.  You host a party and you have to stand guard by the free food, because some cheapskates will unashamedly devour your food without even ordering a drink.  One bar owner told a couple of Cheap Charlies that if they didn’t want to pay his bar prices, then they would have to buy a beer from the 7 Eleven.  The said Cheap Charlies thought that was a great idea and did exactly that.  They bought a couple of lukewarm bottles of cheap beer and sat supping them on the steps of the 7 Eleven.  Unbelievable!  At times, you have to have the patience of a saint to be a Pattaya bar boss.

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Now we are talking!  On 04/06/2010 Beavers Bar in Sukhumvit Soi 33 are hosting a party night.  Matron Rod and her naughty nurses will host a night of intensive care!  The naughty nurses will be in Beavers Bar from 17:00 and from previous experience, it will be a great night.  Happy Hour runs until 20:00 and all standard drinks are under 80 baht.  After Happy Hour ends, standard drinks are reasonable at 100 baht each.  To get to Beavers turn left into the sub soi at Wall Street. 

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