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I am your mate with ideas for your date!  Just for a change, instead of dragging your Thai girlfriend around the bars at night, go to the movies instead.  Thailand has some fantastic cinema complexes and this especially applies to the luxurious shopping malls in Bangkok. I think you will enjoy the sensational sc-fi movie ‘Avatar’, which is on course to become the biggest box office blockbuster in cinema history.  If you like sci-fi, amazing special effects, nonstop action and an engaging storyline, then you will really enjoy this film.  Going to the movies gives you a break from the constant onslaught of booze ‘n’ babes and this allows you to spend some uninterrupted quality time with your Thai girl.  Mind you, in modern Bangkok that could mean she, he, he-she, or she-he!  Anyway, quickly moving along…

Back in England last November, I went to Showcase Cinema.  Oh dear!  It was an extortionate and uncomfortable experience, compared to Bangkok’s plush movie theatres.  I sometimes forget how luxurious the lifestyle is in Bangkok and furthermore, it comes at an affordable price too.  Recently, I was sitting in the VIP seats in Esplanade Cineplex on Ratchada Road and it really is something else.  The sofa seats are very large and they recline to an almost horizontal position.  You even get a blanket and two cushions.  They are very similar to the VIP seats available at the better-known Siam Paragon (BTS Siam).


The movie theatres in Bangkok are immaculately clean and yet I always manage to drop some popcorn on the floor.  I embarrassingly do this every time, as though it is some bizarre ritual.  I am usually game to try new stuff and so, I dived into the popcorn my Thai woman was holding.  I am still trying to figure out if I can ever get used to cheese popcorn!  Yep, you heard me right, popcorn with cheese on it.  This cheese popcorn, is it a Thai thing or what?  Anyway, the film ‘Avatar’ is one of the best movies I have ever seen.  Overall, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening.

DATE MATE SUMMARY – Going on a date to the movies is nothing new, but I think we all forget how much of a pleasant change it makes.  Furthermore, if you really want to finish the date off in style, a romantic dinner afterwards will do the trick.



All we seem to read about and watch on the TV is ‘Club Culture’ and what ‘crap rap’ the youngsters are into nowadays.  Well, that is OK, I am not trying to be a killjoy here, but we are not 18 anymore.  I think that pub culture is a particularly underestimated part of the social scene in Bangkok and Pattaya.  If you doubt what I say, just visit some of the pubs that I mention.  Unquestionably, there is a fundamental difference between Eastern and Western pub culture.  The lifestyle in Bangkok and Pattaya is very different to most regions of Farangland.  Back in Farangland, amid the mundane nightlife, the smoking ban and all the daily doom ‘n’ gloom have conspired to create a pub crisis.  As we speak, numerous pubs are closing every week right across Great Britain, and this has been happening for some time.  When I visited England last November, the lack of people in the pubs and clubs was shocking.  Years ago, some of my local haunts were much busier than they are now.  In fact, a Friday or Saturday night in England is so boring that you often end up going home early.  Rather than going home with a lovely ‘Thai takeaway’ instead, all you end up with is a lamb kebab!

Another factor going against the pubs and clubs in Britain is Reality TV Shows.  Sadly, Britain has become a nation of what I can only describe as ‘visual vegetables’ or the couch potato club.  British kids play far too many computer games and all the adults do is watch other people’s lives on Reality TV shows like Big Brother.  The British newspapers will say, ‘Shock news as XXXX has left Big Brother.’  I don’t give a damn about Big Brother, because I have a life of my own to lead.  Why should I watch somebody else living their life?  I am not talking about watching a few television programmes, these visual vegetables are totally obsessed with Reality TV.  As though, British soaps like Cremation Street is not bad enough!  Reality TV has made them a prisoner in their own homes and they rarely if ever go out at night.


Bangkok and Pattaya both boast some excellent traditional and theme pubs.  Over the past decade, more and more pubs have appeared which has inevitably created competition.  Most pubs realise that they have to provide the best customer service, serve the best pub grub, stock the finest range of booze and offer the expats something to keep them coming back.  The spirit of a true ‘local’ is that it should be at least something of a home from home.  They say that competition is healthy and it certainly is for those who frequent the pubs.  Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s there were very few pubs at all in Thailand.  Nowadays, you can find several pubs on the same street.  Soi Nana is a prime example with numerous pubs and bars situated within a few yards of each other.

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SUNRISE TACOS is located next to Times Square Building between Soi 12 & 14 on Sukhumvit Road.  A certain temperamental lady called ‘Freeda the Fryer’ got really HOT recently and there was a fire in the kitchen.  Due to the damage done by ‘Freeda the Fryer’ Bangkok’s number one Mexican Grill will be closed for a week or so.  Sunrise Tacos apologises for any inconvenience, but in the meantime you are welcome to try the other branches of Sunrise Tacos. One is located in Siam Paragon on the Ground Level, and the other is in Emporium Shopping Centre on the 5th Floor.  Check it out!

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