Thailand Tonight – 15/11/2006

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Mission Statement

Soi Cowboy BangkokI would like to commence this weeks Night Fever by saying that I appreciate all of the feedback that I have received – thank you all very much. You have been so positive and encouraging that it really has inspired and motivated me. Please keep your feedback, suggestions and comments coming. I would like to receive your news and views, jokes, stories and even digital images. As long as it is not pornographic, or offensive I will consider using your material. However, I will be sticking mainly to the theme of Thailand nightlife news and certainly not political rants. Let’s face it if we want “doom and gloom” we just watch CNN or open the tabloid newspapers. Rebels without a cause will have to go to another website for that sort of thing.

Dean Barrett (acclaimed author based in Bangkok), was saying that I have certainly cut a lot of work out for myself. This is true and I am probably a glutton for slavery, but although challenging it is fun too. Mission complete! So, my friends without further delay hop aboard and let us travel to Bangkok and beyond…

The Thais Don’t Know What Cold Is!

The traditional high season is beginning to emerge with a considerable increase in visitors. High season starts around November and tends these past few years to be shorter than it was previously. High season can dwindle as early as the end of January. However, this high season has started more positively in Pattaya than it did last year.

And now folks for that great British pastime of talking about the weather. The weather here in the land of sanuk seems to have entered the familiar “akaat yen” (cool season), which is remarkably classed by the natives as Thai winter. It reminds me of a British summer with those intervals of cool breeze that blend with the languid tropical air. I find it most refreshing but the locals will soon be donning their “winter” hats, scarves and even jackets. They don’t know what cold is! Hey, unlike those poor people who have been shoveling snow in America; which does not sound like a whole lot of fun. In America in particular the winter really hit early this year. I definitely think I will take my chances with the weather here in tropical Thailand.

This High Season Has Great Potential

Throughout December 2005 bar trade in general was sluggish for the time of year and this was widespread across Thailand. Even New Years Eve was not firing on all cylinders either. Some bars in Thailand reported anywhere from a slight to a considerable drop in bar takings compared to the last couple of years. January 2006 started steadily but as bar manager Ricky said, “It’s more like a high low season.” And I really do think this sums up how almost all bar owners felt last high season. Unless of course, you are “King Ming” the entrepreneur of the Rainbow bar group in Nana Plaza. Whether you love or loathe the Rainbow bars, they still remain extremely popular and that is a fact.

Relentlessly the bars march on throughout the realm, with most nightspot venues managing to survive a quiet low season. Mind you, with fewer guys and more girls this means less competition for you babe hunters. Of course, the high season is the least favorite time of year for resident farangs, because the bars will be flooded with foreign visitors. So, with this in mind I wish you happy hunting guys.

People keep informing me how full so many of the Hotels are in Bangkok and Pattaya, that it makes you wonder where do all of these people go? We were seeing more and more couples arriving, even elderly couples and families with children. But, the recent coup has definitely caused the overall number of tourists to dwindle. Families and the elderly are not exactly going to hit the go-go bars and other nightspots anyway. The groups of single men can at times be swallowed up by the multitude of bars, and this is especially the case in Pattaya. Thailand does have a lot of foreigners currently present, but I think perhaps they are very spread out rather than concentrated in specific areas. If we look at the logistics the amount of nightlife venues far outnumbers the amount of available customers. So far so good for Pattaya and there is a more optimistic air for a high season with great potential.

Deep In The Bush

Welcome once again avid bird watchers, Dave The Rave has been deep in the bush. Striving relentlessly through touts and other difficult terrain, desperately seeking the lesser spotted (we certainly hope), and lesser tattooed bird. This particularly exquisite species is of course none other than the Rainbow bird. Known also as the “glamorous dolly bird” they are very colorful as the name suggests, but be warned they can be funny birds. The magnificent Rainbow birds can show a stern preference to only breed with Japanese. By heck these take some catching! I have to warn you that breeding can cost a bloody fortune and many return to the Rainbow nests straight after breeding like an army of homing pigeons!

But, I want you to know for all her faults the glamorous dolly bird is a truly splendid specimen. Brother Steve from England has built up quite a flock of Rainbow birds and still continues to have endless pleasure with them. One famous bird watcher is “Tricky Ricky” (currently on the nest in Pattaya) who has warned the fanatical Steve to cut down on the breeding. Time and time again people are disappointed – they think they have a keeper but it turns out to be a glorified homing pigeon. Well, fellow bird watchers it is time to enter the fascinating breeding ground of Nana Plaza.

Rainbow Roundup

Situated near the front of Nana Plaza on the right-hand side of the first floor (as you enter NEP) is Rainbow One. For the seasoned bird watchers’ among you please excuse my explanations, but there is some confusion at times with four Rainbow bars. Rainbow One is nestled between Spirit House and Play Skool. She was renovated a while ago, which gives her a new appeal and to be honest I find it pleasantly strange getting used to new, clean and colorful Rainbow bars. Untouched for many years previously the Rainbow bars were very dark and dingy with less than desirable rest rooms. Remember those toilets?

I am pleased to say those dark and dingy days are history and it is great to see the Rainbow Group invest in their bars in such a luxurious fashion. All four Rainbow bars are brand spanking new in that particular design that the Thais presume is extremely tasteful. Whether people think they are tastefully refurbished or not, I do like the way they have made the Rainbow’s more colorfully furbished. With the use of various colors, plus more effective lighting, Rainbow One has a much warmer feel to it. Immediately upon entering, I noticed that the lighting is better and the bevy of beauty upon the go-go stage is emphasized literally in a new light. A lot of people say that Rainbow One has arguably the best line-up of attractive go-go dancers in Bangkok. It is a matter of individual taste but with an abundance of dolly birds, Rainbow One certainly has a superb selection.

Angelwitch Go Go Bars Logo

Rainbow One is slowly emerging as a more “farang friendly” pleasure palace these days and I am pleasantly surprised to see more Western customers. The Rainbow bars have a reputation of catering to Asian clientele, this to a large degree still stands but more and more Westerners are starting to frequent it. There are some big spenders too, one night an Englishman from Koh Samui rang the bell several times, and opened five bottles of champagne. It is not uncommon to see bottles of various spirits flowing freely either. In fact one Aussie known as “Gadhor Suwaiy” opens a bottle of spirits on a nightly basis. (With reference to “Gadhor Suwaiy” do not ask your lover what it means).

Rainbow Two located in the far right corner of the first floor, did take a dive in terms of talent a few months ago. But, just recently they have attracted some more pleasure palace pole performers. The downside with Rainbow Two as one friend said to me, “It’s like Singapore in 1941.overrun with Japs.” Ever since the Asian invasion, Rainbow Two still remains the least farang friendly bar out of the whole group. Among Japanese customers there tends to be a lot of smokers and this is another reason why some Westerners are so put off. Rainbow Two is still doing fairly brisk trade, but apart from the absence of sake and sushi it still remains very much a Japanese establishment.

Looking out towards the stage I find it amusing how a farang is trying to convert a blatant Japanese lover to jump ship for some obese, sweaty farang from Germany! I would not be surprised if she was doing a mime act to a Japanese folk song, while she waited for her sponsor to fly in from Tokyo. The German could have stood up and waved a huge wad of notes and the sultry dancer would continue to stare into the mirror opposite.

The smallest and least known bar is Rainbow Three, which is next to Farang Connection to the left of the lift on the second floor. If you cannot see the huge neon sign which is adjacent to the lift, then you need to discontinue dolly bird watching until you visit a reputable optician.

This has been a very quiet little bar with not much in the way of a selection of dolly birds. However, Rainbow Three has recently started to hire a few lookers. This little bar is emerging as a go-go bar that is worth visiting these days.

Pursuit Of Perfection

Some babe hunters are never happy. The constant pursuit of perfection will be a long and lonely road to find that perfect woman. We know it will not happen but you just cannot tell some guys. They want their virginal bride of Snow White purity, but with the bedroom Olympic skills of a porn queen. For these poor lost souls I fear that they will most probably never find happiness.

Welcome To Cowboy Country

Recently I decided to visit Soi Cowboy for a trip down to the wild West. We entered that tiny bar called Five Star and were ushered to a seat. Sporting that rough and ready look that the rustic Cowboy bars have, was a change from some of the more sterile bars around. Beers are very reasonably priced at around 100 baht and there was still a scattering of customers even though it was late (after midnight on a Sunday). I presume that the other cowboys had already headed back to their ranch.

What some people do not know is that Five Star bar boasts an excellent live band that plays nightly. Khun Leigh and I were treated to some terrific live entertainment, because the lead guitarist does a mean Jimmy Hendrix rendition. I really enjoyed some fine guitar playing to the wicked tune of Johnny B. Goode. The guitar solo that this guy plays I think would match some of the very best musicians around the whole area. If the vocalist was a better singer and the band more presentable, these guys would be the talk of the town. It is great entertainment in Five Star and all for the price of a cheap beer. Now that is value for money.

Top Of The Pops

Talking of live entertainment, top Thai pop star Loso, performed in Hillary Two bar on Friday, November 10. Hillary Two is located opposite Bus Stop down Soi Nana next to Steak One restaurant. Many people class Khun Sek Loso as one of the best Thai pop artists around today. Tickets were reasonably priced and it was a very busy night. Hillary Two is Thai owned and is furbished in a modern and stylish way. With a room full of excited young nubiles eager to spot a glimpse of a handsome pop star, I envy my friends Janne and Khun Leigh who attended the event. Super Sek really rocked Soi Nana on that night. I will let you know when Super Sek returns for another live concert.

Pleasure Playground

I do not know what you refer to Pattaya as, but I call it Pleasure Playground. Here then is a rapid roundup from the LOS Wild West.

Insomnia Disco will host its Grand opening party, November 24 in Soi Marina Plaza (opposite side to Coyotees). This brand new late night venue will be open from 11:00pm until 6:00am. It was formerly Players and we wish Insomnia Disco the very best of luck, and let us hope it turns out to be a successful venue. Insomnia will not only have the latest sound system, but they will feature modern club music.

The new Eden Club in Pattaya is set to open on December 15. This will hopefully be yet another excellent addition to Pleasure Playground. It is located in Soi LK Metro, just around the corner from Lolitas.

Coyotees Show Bar in Soi Marina Plaza are linking up with Long Gun bar in Soi Cowboy to present some Go-Go Dance Competitions. This is an excellent idea by TJ and following the success of these Dance Contests perhaps other go-go bars may join the chain. The first in a whole series of these special Pole Performer Competitions will be hosted by Coyotees on Sunday, November 26 and is billed as Bangkok VS Pattaya. Pole Performers from Long Gun and Raw Hide will battle it out with Coyotees finest. The event is sponsored by Insomnia Disco and John Smith’s Extra Smooth Bitter. Free John Smith’s Beer samples will be available on the night. Also, there will be a Special Showtime presented by Long Gun, which starts at 9:30pm. Do not forget – Sunday, November 26 in Coyotees and go early to ensure you get a good seat.

There will be a new disco opening soon on Second Road. It will be called Slim. More details will follow later.

There will be a party on Thursday, November 16 at FLB Bar. Tricky Ricky held a gathering last week, which was well attended. Ricky is currently hanging out in FLB Bar and there will be plenty more party nights to come. Check it out.

Located opposite Catz in Covent Garden (just off Walking Street) is Taboo Go-Go Bar, which replaced the old Babewatch. Reports are that Taboo had a recent influx of pole performers and this pleasure palace is now heading in the right direction.

There was a fire in the Marina Plaza Hotel (inside the Soi Marina Plaza complex) last night and the fire engines had a battle to get to the location. Let us all hope that casualties were minimal.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

On Thursday, November 23 it is Thanksgiving Day. Bully’s Pub (just down from the Gas Station near the corner of Soi Nana) are offering an all you can eat buffet for only 490 Baht. This fine fair runs from 2:00pm until 10:00pm. To all my American friends I would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Day.


Although the Thailand nightlife scene still continues to experience let us just say various politics, we still have a lot of time for fun. All across the realm you can drink, party and meet plenty of Dolly Birds from the moment you wake up until you feel it is time to hit the nest. There are late night venues even in Bangkok, they do exist you just have to know where they are. Your personal favorite establishment might not always be open late but somewhere else will be. All is not lost party people.

My sincere thanks go out to my good friend John, Geoff Thompson (BAFTA Award Winner), Baron Bonk (Asia Bugle), Dean Barrett (acclaimed author), Club, Khun Leigh, The Big Mango Bar, Jacko (, Thai, and last but by no means least the enigmatic Stickman.

Until we meet again if you cannot be good be careful.