Thailand Tonight – August 22nd, 2009


Recently, I have had a rethink about how this website is published and presented.  I think the presentation is OK, but the publishing is not kept to a regular day and time.  Well guys, this will change very soon! Some of you will remember my regular column entitled, ‘Thailand Night Fever’.  It was published on Wednesdays, as a weekly column.  Well, I want to get back into that routine and then, you will know when to visit my website.  Rather than keep you all guessing, I think this is only fair to my loyal following.  Yes, that’s you I’m talking about!

I was caught in a dilemma between taking this website seriously, or seeing it as a labour of love.  After having a think about it, I feel it falls somewhere in the middle.  I certainly don’t make my living from this website, but then again, if something is worth doing, it might as well be done properly.  So, there you go, I will endeavour to post on Wednesdays and Sundays.  On the Bangkok clock, the online publishing time will be 6:00pm, unless there are unforeseen circumstances.  If I either don’t have much news, or I’m pushed for time, the column will be shorter.  However, I do think it is important to publish something on Wednesdays and Sundays.  There will also be additional posts from time to time.  These will be in the form of urgent updates, if and when, I feel they are necessary.

“THAILAND TONIGHT” will be published at 6:00pm Bangkok time on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Enjoy!

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Thanks for tuning in!