Thailand Tonight – August 30th, 2009


Regarding the go-go bar scene in Bangkok, I think it is fair to say that a lot of the action is in Soi Cowboy these days.  Shark Go-Go Bar was packed this week and we are talking about a Tuesday night.  Shark was so busy that they opened the upstairs section.  They have got the formula right in a simple, but effective way.  Shark Bar operates to a standard format of rotating sets of go-go dancing with no shows during the night.  The go-go dancers are so sexy that it could be classed as a show in itself.


You will notice that the sound system emits a more sensible volume level than other go-go bars.  Dance music is the norm, but note, it is not trashy techno, or crap rap!  It is also worth pointing out that Shark is one of the most popular go-go bars in Bangkok right now and yet, drink prices are very reasonable.  For any go-go bar that is not providing special entertainment, offering reasonable drink prices is an essential factor, especially during this economic downturn.  Show bars can argue the fact that they are not only paying go-go girls to dance, but paying a large amount for a show production team.  However, I think that go-go bars that only offer go-go dancing have to be sensible with their pricing policy.  Meanwhile, the battle for go-go bar supremacy continues…

Dollhouse in the middle of Soi Cowboy, still run their popular ‘Crazy Hour’.  Standard drinks are only 60 baht until 9:30pm every night.  After 9:30pm, drink prices remain reasonable at 135 baht.  Dollhouse has a reputation of being a ‘booby trap’ due to the amount of buxom babes.  Check it out!

Don’t forget that Tilac Go-Go Bar has a Happy Hour; it runs until 9:00pm.  Standard drinks are just 70 baht.  After 9:00pm, standard drinks are still reasonable at 130 baht.  Cheers!

For those of you who like Tiger Light Beer, I discovered that the following Soi Cowboy bars sell it –  After Skool, Dollhouse, Long Gun, Raw Hide and Tilac.

EPILOGUE — Due to business meetings today’s column is shorter.  This means 12-hour working days this week, but I doubt if I will get much sympathy from you guys!

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(Q). What is the definition of go-go dancing?

(A). A vertical expression of a horizontal proposition!

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