Thailand Tonight – Sep 13th, 2009


As I am typing this, the heavens have opened up and it is hammering it down with silvery bullets.  Us Bangkokians are under heavy fire!  Currently, here in Bangkok there is frequent heavy rainfall, whereas Pattaya has been very fortunate in terms of the weather.  If you compare the climate in Bangkok to Pattaya, you might think you are in another country.  This is a blessing in disguise for a seaside town, which has suffered a significant drop in foreign visitors.  So far so good, Pattaya is high and dry!


Recently, some guys described Pattaya as a ghost town, but I think that is a slight exaggeration.  It is low tourist season and it is a fact that it is a really tough one too.  However, there are venues in Pleasure Playground that are well worth visiting, you just have to know where they are located.  Fortunately, for Pattaya, the vast majority of the beer bars, go-go bars, pubs and nightclubs, are (relatively speaking) clustered together.  Unlike Bangkok, the nightlife venues down in Pattaya are not spread out across a seemingly endless, sprawling city.  Right on and around Walking Street alone, there are enough bars and clubs to entertain most guys.  For the resident farang population that’s a different matter, they prefer to visit their local bar.  Furthermore, attracting a local clientele is essential for the bars away from Walking Street to survive all year round.

There is more good news for Pattaya, because the 3:00am closing time has been lifted.  Hooray!  The recent crackdown was supposedly due to a late night licensing issue.  But, it definitely angered local bar and club owners who are already finding it hard to stay in business.  Club Insomnia, the popular Walking Street nightclub, is one example of establishments now operating again from dusk until dawn.  It is great to see Thailand’s party town able to offer options for the late night revellers.  Party on!


Despite a sharp fall in tourism, some Pattaya go-go bars are surprisingly busy.  It is the usual names that stand out from the crowd, but occasionally a new contender emerges.  Angelwitch with its ‘the show must go on’ philosophy, continue to draw a large crowd during Showtime from 10:00pm until late.  Don’t forget that Angelwitch can seat almost 300 people, so even if Angelwitch is half full it is doing well.  Rock fans will be ecstatic to know that Angelwitch play rock music, whilst the go-go girls shake their stuff.  Some classic rock from the 1970’s is going down well with the farang clientele.  To add to the spectacular three-dimensional venue, some new shows have given Angelwitch a refreshing appeal.  Incidentally, there are new shows in both Angelwitch Pattaya and Angelwitch Bangkok.


Sisterz Go-Go Bar on Walking Street is under new ownership and the experienced new team are predicted to make an impact.  Keep an eye on Sisterz Go-Go Bar, because it is already showing early signs of its newly found potential.  In Roxy Go-Go Bar, the animated manager Jason, really can get his Thai bar girls going.  If you want to visit a go-go bar with atmosphere, lively go-go dancers, and an entertaining manager, then give Roxy a visit.  If you are a good customer, Jason is eager to make you merry.  This is one go-go bar, where the manager is not shy to buy the guys drinks.

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Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya.  (Sexpat saying)


I don’t want to sound like a bizarre Brit who’s obsessed with bad weather, but the following is important.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but in quite a number of years, I haven’t witnessed the rainy season in Bangkok, as intense as it is now.  The significant point is that it often hammers it down, just when bar girls are trying to go to work and the guys are planning to hit the town.  When the Bangkok roads and side streets are flooded, it is no joy getting around a chaotic capital city.  Therefore, the bar girls and the ‘bar guys’ give up and don’t bother to go to the bars.  This also applies to some of the popular beach resorts in Thailand.  I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but Pattaya has not seen the worst of it yet.  If heavy rainfall does hit Pattaya, that really will be a disaster.  For the sake of the party guys who like to visit Pattaya, let’s hope that sex-on-sea continues to elude the monsoon rains.

PATTAYA NEWS – A young Thai man was caught by police carrying a gun in Soi 15 off Walking Street.  According to police reports, he thought it was ‘cool’ to carry a gun.  The full story was covered by Pattaya One News

TOURIST VISA UPDATE – There is a crackdown on back-to-back tourist visas.  This report is covered by Thai Visa on THIS LINK HERE

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