Thailand Tonight – Sep 27th, 2009




The popular nightspot Spice Club has been renamed Climax.  Word is that taxi drivers were taking Spice customers to Spicy instead.  I think it was wise to change the name of the club in this case.  What with Spice, Spicy and Bossy, it was getting confusing for all concerned.  To celebrate the rebirth there is a Climax Party this Tuesday, September 29th.  There will be live music, international DJs, coyote showgirls and your first drink is free.  Spice it up all you want, but we would sooner have a climax!


LOCATION – Climax Club is located in the basement of the Ambassador Hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 11.  Check it out!




This Tuesday, September 29th, Bully’s Pub celebrates its 5th Birthday Party.  During Bully’s Birthday Bash, there are some drink deals and fun activities…


  • ‘Toss the Boss’ from 13:00-15:00 and again at 17:00-19:00
  • Lasso the Bully manikin and win a free kamikaze.
  • Pot the 5 coloured balls with 4 shots and win a free drink. (20 baht per game).
  • Throw 3 darts onto a napkin on the dartboard and win a free drink. (20 baht per game).
  • Funnel half pints for just 50 baht.
  • BBQ Dinner hosted by Bully from 20:00-22:00 hours. Traditional and tasty Bully menu.


LOCATION – Bully’s Pub is located next to the JW Marriott Hotel near Soi Nana.





Down in Soi Cowboy there are some unfamiliar faces blending in with the resident expats.  The increase in tourists visiting the go-go bars this September is noticeable, as Soi Cowboy remains busy.  Usually, September is a slow month for tourism and bar trade can be very sluggish.  But, a number of go-go bars here are very busy for the time of year.


If you are feeling peckish during a night out in Bangkok, there are plenty of food vendors about.  In fact, one resident expat thinks that the economic downturn has led to an increase in Thai food vendors’ right across Bangkok.  Whether this is the real reason or not, the fact remains that more food vendors are appearing.  Down in Cowboy Country, you can buy all kinds of fast food ranging from French fries, deep fried chicken, American style hot dogs, traditional Thai snacks, to crispy fried insects.  You could say that Soi Cowboy has an abundance of booze, babes and bugs!  Just count the amount of food vendors spread from each end of this tiny lane.  One thing is for sure, if you are ever stuck in Cowboy, you definitely won’t starve!


Dollhouse is still busy during Crazy Hour, which runs from when the doors open until 9:30pm.  Standard drinks are just 60 baht and it usually draws a good crowd.  Recently, a few cute dolly birds have started dancing at Dollhouse.  But, the downside to this go-go bar is a lot of the guys and gals exit after Crazy Hour.  The drink prices go up and the number of go-go girls goes down.  In this place, it is the early worm that catches the bird!



For those obsessed with very hardcore shows, there are bells ringing, horns blowing, cigarettes smoking and darts firing in Long Gun.  The ‘magic pussy’ shows of Patpong infamy can be seen in Long Gun and also in Hollywood Carousel (Nana Plaza).  I was in Long Gun as darts started bursting balloons and I jokingly shouted, ‘TAKE COVER!’  There was Peter stud, Crazy Horse and Dave The Rave trying to hide behind the church pews.  We decided to make a tactical retreat and swiftly exited Long Gun.

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