The Kiwi Curry Night

The Kiwi Pub Bangkok

Here’s the scenario… It’s Monday and you are at a loose end. You partied hard in the bars and nightclubs over the weekend.

Why not try Kiwi Curry Night? Every Monday,  The Kiwi Pub run a promotion, which includes an Indian Curry Meal and a pint of Heineken or Tiger Beer. 

There is a choice of Chicken or Beef Jalfrezi, Tika Masala, or Rojan Josh. This is accompanied by Steamed Rice and a Garlic Pita Bread.

But, why a Garlic Pita Bread instead of Roti or Naan Bread. Anyway, you get all this for 279 baht. Enjoy! 

Don’t worry about the curry! It’s not atomic like Vindaloo which I refer to as Bin-Da-Loo three times already! 

The Kiwi Pub has relocated down the first sub-soi in Sukhumvit Soi 8 on the right-hand side as you enter from Sukhumvit Road. In addition, the BTS Nana Skytrain Station is conveniently situated around the corner.