Ahead of 24th Anniversary Party, Legendary Angelwitch Manager Dave the Rave Looks Back

Angelwitch 24th Anniversary Party

Ahead of the 24th Anniversary Party May 30, 10-year former manager Dave the Rave Mears, in his own words, looks back over Angelwitch’s storied 24-year history.

Nightfall descends upon Bangkok and the city transforms into a surreal world. From within the shadows, the creatures of the night appear and the most prevalent is the Angelwitch.

She is a perfect mixture of both beauty and the beast. Nobody would be safe from her womanly wiles and her devilish deceptions.

From 2000 to 24th Anniversary Party

During the period almost a quarter of a century ago – 24 years – the legendary Angelwitch Rock Dancers was created and it took the go-go scene by storm.

Renowned for the most professionally choreographed stage shows, Angelwitch was unique in Thailand.

The electrifying atmosphere during showtime was such a refreshing change from most of the opposition doing the slow-step shuffle all night to trashy techno music.

The other alternative was the disgusting “magic pussy shows”, whereby all kinds of things, including live animals, emerged from a performer’s “glory hole” or “money maker”.

Angelwitch, now celebrating its 24th Anniversary Party, became its current class act during the “golden era” when I was running go-go bars in Nana Plaza starting in 1999. I still hold the title for the longest-serving go-go bar manager in Bangkok, with almost 18 years in the go-go bar industry.

Angelwitch attracted the spenders and (founder) Matt always had a loyal following of great customers. I added to that with my “Dave the Rave’s Barmy Army”. (Some former members will appear a the 24th Anniversary Party Thursday.)

In addition, I had great friends who always brought movie stars and sports stars to Angelwitch Rock Dancers.

I remember hosting Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. I mean, what bar in the world has hosted Steve Tyler in a go-go bar? I got him in there. That was legendary.

Several times Angelwitch was voted Bangkok’s best go-go Bar and was renowned worldwide, as Thailand’s greatest go-go show bar.

The Angelwitch 24th Anniversary Party kicks off Thursday May 30 with a spit-roast barbecue, sides and Thai dishes, drink specials and gifts for guests.