Bangkok Gets Knocked Off Its Pedestal


Bangkok has remained king, as the most visited city in the world for the past four years. But it definitely will not be this year. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, I wonder how this will alter the city visitor rankings worldwide. Asian cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul and certainly Beijing, will undoubtedly drop down the list. 

The problem with travelling to Asia right now, apart from the fear of infection, is the chance of being forced to go into quarantine. Being left isolated from families and businesses, seems more of a concern to certain people. No doubt numerous people have postponed or cancelled their travel plans and you can’t blame them for playing it safe.  

Although the actual risk of infection is relatively minimal in relation to population, the media are having a field day! Those who are sitting on the fence may just be persuaded by media reports to stay at home. It’s just another excuse for the killjoys to say, “The end is nigh!” 



Unless I am very much mistaken, the coronavirus will blow over like a passing storm and we will wonder what all the fuss was about. Do you remember the fears over SARS and bird flu?  

While we should monitor this virus closely, let’s listen to the experts and not the press or politicians.  On one hand, we should not underestimate the threat of the coronavirus, but on the other hand, it’s not a pandemic yet. We are not facing a zombie apocalypse!

However, I do think that Thailand’s tourism industry, will be damaged considerably this year. This looks like an inevitable outcome. It does not help the situation when the Thai baht remains too strong. 

Meanwhile, the Barmy Army keep marching into Bangkok’s naughty nightlife areas. It obviously takes more this to stop the mongers! Here is a YouTube filmed recently showing the scene on Soi Nana… 



YouTube – Top Ten Most Visited Cities Around The World…


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