Billboard Babe of the Year Wows at Epic 8th Anniversary Party

With screaming that hit 125 on the decibel meter, Billboard Bangkok crowned its 2023 Billboard Babe of the Year at the Nana Plaza go-go bar’s 8th Anniversary Party.

Dream, No. 89, put on a wild sexy show to win the votes of all the males in attendance at the Sept. 8 bash and took the crown with the support of her “sisters” shouting their approval. Billboard Babe of the Year veteran Ploy, No. 55, won first runner-up for the second consecutive year and Ann, No. 224, placed third.

The 11 p.m. Billboard Babe of the Year pageant capped an epic night at Billboard, whose three late-year parties in September, November and December have become legendary. Despite early rain, the bar was two-thirds full 15 minutes after its 8 p.m. opening. By 9 p.m. it was standing room only, with only a few reserved VIP tables remaining empty. Tourists who wandered in, unaware of the party, for an hour walked in, found no place to sit and walked out.

For the anniversary parties at Billboard and sister bar Butterflies, as well as the December Playmates Party, reserving a table – which requires the purchase of two bottles, mixers & ice – is about the only way to go. Either that or get there early. Plenty of people did: About 15 tables had been prebooked.

Want to get your table for a future party or visit? Join the Billboard VIP Club on the Line messaging platform.

There was no water in the Jacuzzi Saturday and no showing. Party nights are all about the Billboard Babe of the Year costumes and, as in 2022, hot pink was the color of the night, with all the girls in their choice of lingerie, bras, bikinis and bustier. There were plenty of feathered headdresses, sequined makeup and pink fishnets. The Billboard Babes went all out, and for good reason.

Billboard Babe of the Year

The second-annual Billboard Babe of the Year pageant paid the winner 25,000 baht, with runners-up taking home 10,000 and 5,000 baht, respectively. There are also flowers and a crown, but cash is king and 25K is no small payday.

The three-round contest began with a procession of all the Billboard Babes in the house, 100 in all, with 10 taking the stage at a time, spinning around on the carousel and trying to make an impression so that those in the audience would write their number on a slip of paper.

Votes were tallied after the first round and the top 10 making the second round, when things got really loud.

Each Billboard Babe of the Year semifinalist got 30 seconds in the spotlight to put on a show and customers and staff alike then shouted – screamed, really – their loudest to vote for their favorite. A decibel meter on the wall showed everyone who got the loudest screams.

Ploy, who would finish second overall, won the first round, with the meter hitting 123 dB. By comparison, the music in Billboard never goes above 100 dB. The top three went to the finals.

Ann, No. 224, 2nd Runner-Up.

The inclusion of Ann in the Billboard Babe of the Year Top 3 came as a surprise, with her decibel rating tying a couple other babes. She was the “girl next door” of the bunch, with no garish makeup, no OTT costume and no lewd act. She’s the bargirl you could take home to mama.

Ploy, who turned 38 this year, is the oldest woman still dancing at Billboard, probably the most popular among her coworkers and still a top earner. She finished second last year and was first runner-up this year with her fans again hitting 123 dB on the meter.

But Dream, who also goes by Pim, eking out the win by 1 dB with her best pornstar imitation, filled with wild facial expressions and hip gyrations. She won the male vote hands down.

Party All Night Long

The Babe of the Year proceedings dragged on past midnight and culminated with an avalanche of confetti that left Billboard covered in sparkling snow. Then the bills began to fly.

In the VIP section, a tray of 50,000 baht in 20-baht bills was brought out by management and the bosses and VIP guests tossed stacks of cash to all the staff. Things got truly nutty when one well-heeled guest began mixing in 1,000-baht notes with the twenties.

Even the hostesses are babes at Billboard.
Even the hostesses are babes at Billboard.

Drinks flowed and 100 large Pizzamania pizzas were devoured. Barfines this night were few (at least early) – no woman is going to leave the bar when so much money can be made in tips and contests – but no one seemed to mind.

It was an epic night and surely an even bigger cleanup the next day. They’ll do it all again in November at Butterflies.