Brexit – in or out?

party at the strip patpong

Tomorrow is the big day for the UK to decide on whether it wants to stay in the EU or say goodbye.

It seems to me very few people I talk to are in favor of remaining in EU, despite the fact that many celebrities like David Beckham and Daniel Craig have come out in support of remain.  The common reasons people give for wanting to leave the EU:

Bonkers Brussels – 170,000 people now work for EU institutions,  that’s double the British Army.  No wonder we have to contribute 350 million quid a week. It’s bureaucracy gone mad!

You wouldn’t mind but we have no choice over who these people are and we cannot remove them if they mess up. Plus they now create about half the new laws in the UK.  In the beginning it was supposed to be all about trade but now Brussels is telling everyone what to do – time to leave.

Migration – Over 1 million migrants came into Europe last year,  but according to UNHCR there are 60,000,000 more displaced people who are seeking refuge. That’s mind boggling and tops the numbers at the end of the last world war.  It’s not racist to be worried about what this means for cities, towns and villages across europe.  At the moment they are calling it a crisis but as the numbers increase will the  ‘socialist’  EU and its army of bureaucrats be able to handle it? Unlikely

Despite these obvious drawbacks the bookmakers seem to think it’s a done deal for the Remain camp – we’ll have to wait and see.

Win or lose you can let off some steam at the Strip Bar on Patpong 2, which is having a Brexit party on Friday night with all beers just 99 THB all night.

If only David Cameron could have got a deal like that from the EU!

party at the strip patpong